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    Academic Writing: Tips, Rules, Types, and Topics

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    Academic Writing
     Admin  Published On Aug 25, 2023 | Updated on Sep 11, 2023  Essay

    You learn a lot in educational institutions, and not all of it can be found in the curriculum provided. A huge number of skills you acquire have mastered on your own – managing time effectively, conducting extensive research, and making ramen noodles in a coffee pot, too.

    Another crucial skill you need to master on your own is academic writing. Academic writing isn't similar to other kinds of writing – it is formal and objective. And, for countless students who have just set foot in a grad school or university, it can be hugely challenging and arduous.

    However, once you break down the fundamentals of academic writing and investigate them piece by piece, you will realize they are nothing to be afraid of. Undeniably, there are certain rules that you need to follow, but once you have got the hang of those rules, you will be on your way to the books of your strictest professors.

    Today's comprehensive post aims to walk you through the essentials of academic writing. Here, we have outlined the true definition of an academic essay, the types of essays, and the critical features of an academic paper, along with certain unique topics and ideas for a unique essay that will help you sail through your next writing task like a champion.

    Let’s dig right in!

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    What is an Academic Essay? A Quick Overview

    Simply put, an academic essay is a structured writing form most students encounter in school, college, and university as a part of their curriculum. The most common objective of such writing is to offer certain new pieces of information or to use existing knowledge and facts to deliver specific ideas. This kind of writing enables students to exhibit their creativity and knowledge. It also motivates them to develop their ideas to communicate a specific message.

    An academic essay's length may range between 500 to as much as 50,000 words. However, most academic essays are approximately 500 to 4000 words or more. This specific range allows the writer to develop and support an argument with credible information sources.

    Essential Rules of Writing an Academic Essay

    Compared to other kinds of academic writing, academic essays are generally shorter in length and enable the author to support their arguments. Here are certain essential rules you must keep in mind to craft an academic essay like a pro-

    • Understand the instructions diligently or go through all the requirements of the paper so that you do not need to waste any time writing irrelevant information.
    • Always keep your essay topic narrowed and not too broad.
    • Though the essay is one of the least formal types of writing, it still requires having a solid structure and following the proper academic paper format.
    • It should deliver a particular point that must be clear and powerful.
    • Unlike other kinds of writing, your academic essays should often indicate that their authors are personally interested in the subjects they are discussing.
    • Though essays may offer an author's personal beliefs and ideas, they should also offer arguments supporting those ideas.
    • To prevent heinous incidents of plagiarism, make sure that you credit the authors from whom you have acquired information.
    • It is essential to write your essay so that readers can easily develop a series of questions when they go through your paper. Otherwise, you would have done nothing but discuss a fact, which doesn't make your essay intriguing.

    When you write an academic essay keeping all these important rules in mind, helps develop your academic writing skills early. These are the skills you will require to carry forward throughout your educational career and lifetime. Additionally, students who are excellent at crafting academic essays can articulate themselves more clearly and tend to have more confidence while speaking.

    Clear till now? We are sure you are. Let's now understand the different types of academic essays you will need to write in your educational career!

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    Types of Academic Essays

    Academic writing can be classified into four main kinds of essays that serve distinct purposes – even though some share similar structures. Having said that, the four main types of academic essays are narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive.

    Let's now break down each type of academic essay below –

    • Narrative Essay

    To narrate indicates telling a story. A narrative essay is mainly crafted based on the different personal experiences of the writer. This essay should describe past or present experiences, how you reacted to a situation, how you felt, or things you thought about a specific discussion.

    Though narrating a compelling story is the key objective of this kind of essay, there is much more to it than it seems. A remarkably crafted narration should always include a point that is 'written between the lines.’ It should have a clear message delivered through the text. When you put a hidden message between the lines, you inspire the reader to go through the essay in its entirety as it sparks their curiosity.

    • Descriptive Essay

    As the word implies, the aim of descriptive essays is to demonstrate something, an emotion, a sound, a person, or an event with the use of words. The writer should illustrate something to make the reader feel, hear, or see what he/she is unfolding.

    Writing such an essay will generally include immersing the five senses – feeling, tasting, hearing, smelling, and seeing. When crafting this kind of paper, you must always remember one thing – to show and not to tell.

    • Expository Essay

    In this kind of essay, the writer must perform a thorough investigation of different ideas, analyze the evidence, offer an expansion of the ideas, and finally develop an argument about a specific subject logically and clearly.

    To write a stellar expository essay, one must go through an essay, a book, or a journal and then convey their opinion regarding specific readings. These essays are like gifts to writers since they offer them chances to express their minds without fear of being told that they are not right.

    • Persuasive Essay

    A persuasive essay is a kind of essay that requires offering logical arguments with an emotional appeal to sway readers to a specific point of view. In this paper, you must state an opinion or idea which you must sell to the readers. You must also cater your points wisely without being pushy and hiding your sales tactic behind remarkably thought-out sentences.

    Further, when it comes to defending an argument, you can also use logical tactics, emotional tactics, or a mix of both.

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    Features of an Academic Paper

    The way a student crafts his/her academic paper can hugely vary on the intended audience and the methodological framework. A brilliantly crafted academic paper must always adhere to the below-enlisted stylistic elements –

    • Structure

    Each academic essay requires a well-organized structure that makes it incredibly easy for the readers to comprehend the organization of thoughts and ideas. Always remember the basic structure of an academic essay should include the introduction, body paragraphs, and finally, the conclusion.

    Organizing your essays in such a format will make it excessively easier for you to make the transition from one idea to another without any difficulty.

    • Evidence-Based Reasoning

    In most academic writing, you must offer your perspective regarding a specific topic. It is also essential to base your opinions on 'evidence-based reasoning.’ It is also important to include credible sources supporting all the ideas and information you incorporate in the paper.

    Similarly, the strength of your argument should be based on the quality of the evidence. You may face challenges in convincing readers of the validity of the content. However, you can easily overcome this difficulty by using and citing the sources from where you acquired the information.

    • Diction

    This indicates the selection of words. While writing an academic essay, it is significant to be cautious of the words you use, as numerous words with similar denotations may have various connotations.

    This is especially important as using words that may have more than one meaning may cause difficulties for the reader to properly understand the intended meaning. Hence, it is always necessary to use concrete words that have a specific meaning.

    • Accuracy

    When crafting an academic essay, it is also vital to be clear and precise when it comes to the usage of vocabulary. Always refrain from using any kind of slang words. You must also refrain from making your paragraphs wordy by using countless words to convey a simple meaning.

    Now that you are well-versed in the essential features of an academic paper, let's go to the next section to find out the common mistakes you must avoid when writing any kind of academic paper!

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    Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Academic Papers

    When it comes to academic writing, your ability to express your ideas and arguments clearly can make all the difference in the world. Whether you are aiming to score high grades or looking to be the apple in the eyes of your favorite professor, writing well is crucial.

    Unfortunately, many of you tend to make mistakes that detract from the quality of the work. Here are certain things you should avoid in academic writing to make sure your essays are always clear, concise, and error-free –

    • Using Excessively Long and Confusing Sentences

    It is never wise to make your essays excessively long to the extent that they sound mundane to the readers or even too short that you miss focusing on the critical points. To make sure you do not do this, it is essential to avoid composing sentences that are too lengthy and wordy to the extent that it becomes challenging to follow up on the key ideas.

    You can prevent this mistake when you do enough practice and get feedback every time after writing from your educators or peers.

    • Incorporating Excessive Information and Multiple Facts

    Even though you are asked to craft detailed and meaningful papers, it doesn't mean that you will not filter the information you will provide in the paper. Your key objective is to present the topic to readers while providing them with adequate but narrowed information.

    To avoid including excessive information and multiple facts, try to stick to the paper's prompt. Ensure to incorporate only the key information your paper requires. Further, while revising and editing, you can exclude all unnecessary facts and information.

    • Including Weak Arguments

    Incorporating a weak argument is another common error that can detract from the quality of your academic essays. Without a strong thesis statement and supporting evidence, your paper will come across as unconvincing and unfocused.

    To avoid this, begin your essay with a clear and concise thesis statement that outlines the paper's key point. Make use of enough evidence to support the thesis statement. This can be statistics, research studies, or any other credible sources. Additionally, use logical reasoning and critical thinking to support the arguments. This implies using sound and evidence-based reasoning to make your arguments strong.

    • Failing to Revise and Edit the Essay

    Undoubtedly, when a student fails to revise their work, it includes ample punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. This leads to a mediocre academic paper even though you have written a well-researched paper.

    You can prevent this kind of mistake by proofreading and editing your work thoroughly before turning it in for grading. Typos, contextual errors, poor grammar, wrong sentence structure, and spelling errors can discourage the readers from going through your entire paper.

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    Writing an Academic Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide

    As much as it is essential to use formal language and adhere closely to style guides while writing an academic essay, it must also follow a clear structure. This specific structure should depend on the kind of writing being produced.

    Unless instructed otherwise, it will always follow the below-enlisted outline –

    • Introduction

    The introduction is one of the most significant parts of an academic essay as it sets the stage for what's to come. It should always offer background information on the topic, establish the paper's purpose, and clearly state the thesis. The key objective of the introduction is to engage your readers and make them want to go through the rest of the paper.

    • Literature Review

    The literature review is an essential component of an academic essay as it offers a foundation for the rest of the research. The objective of a literature review in the paper is to summarise and synthesize previous research on a subject chosen and determine gaps in the existing knowledge. The literature review must be more than simply a list of articles and books and an evaluation of the relevant literature.

    • Methodology

    The next section is the methodology, where you need to describe the methods used to conduct your research. This segment is a chance to explain the steps you undertook to answer your research question and justify why you selected these methods.

    Here, you should define the research question, select the right methods, explain your methodology in detail, justify the chosen methods, and address ethical considerations. Also, remember to write a detailed, precise, and transparent methodology so that others can easily comprehend and replicate your study if necessary.

    • Results

    The resulting segment of the academic essay is where you need to present the research findings. This section must be concise, clear, and objective. It should also present the data without any discussion or interpretation. Further, the results must be organized logically and incorporate tables, figures, and other remarkable visual aids as necessary.

    • Discussion

    Here, you need to interpret the results of the research and relate them to your research question and broader literature. This segment is the perfect chance to conclude, give recommendations, and reflect on the strengths and restrictions of your study. Also, remember this section must be well-organized and offer a brief interpretation of the results.

    • Conclusion

    The conclusion is the final segment, where you need to summarise the key points of the argument and offer closure to the readers. This segment must be concise and to the point, reiterate the paper's key points, and offer a final perspective on the subject.

    It should also be written in a way that reflects on the implications of the research, taking into consideration the broader context of the study and its remarkable contributions to the field.

    • References

    The ‘References’ of an academic essay is a vital component that offers a detailed list of the sources you utilized in your writing and research. The purpose of this section is to provide credit to the authors whose work you’ve used in the paper to offer evidence for your arguments. Doing this also helps in supporting the validity of the research.

    Following the guidelines listed above, you can craft a clear and well-structured academic essay that effectively communicates your argument. You will also be able to support your claims with evidence and meet the expectations of your readers successfully.

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    Awesome Topics and Ideas for Top-Notch Essays

    • Argumentative Essay Topics

    1.  Present your views on why abortion should be made illegal
    2. Do you also believe that the testing of animals must be prohibited?
    3. Do you feel anti-discrimination laws reinforce discrimination?
    4. Explore how beauty standards can be more inclusive
    5. Write about the ways having a mindful approach to social media can enhance your well-being
    6. Write about the role of border security in battling the epidemic of fentanyl
    7. Discuss the adverse impacts of smartphones on health
    8. Do you believe capitalism must acquire more socially important policies?
    9. Is single-sex education still an excellent idea in 2023?
    10. Do you think women perform more remarkably than men in certain official occupations and positions?
    11. Do you believe life 100 years ago was much easier than it is today?
    12. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using gadgets for studying purposes.
    13. Do you believe laws of anti-discrimination safeguard disabled people?
    14. Do you feel workplace dating must be allowed? If yes, then why?
    15. Present your views on corruption and its impacts on increasing wages
    16. Do you feel patients must get the chance to request medically assisted suicide in scenarios of terminal illness?
    17. Discuss the impacts of the #MeToo movement on relationships
    18. Present your views on the effect of homosexuality on society
    19. Do you believe the election processes in your country are fair and transparent?
    20. Do you think fraternities encourage misogyny?
    • Persuasive Essay Topics

    1.  Discuss the ways debt can be relieved for college and university students
    2. Do you believe teens must learn etiquette at school?
    3. Present your views on the best music to listen to when you feel sad and lonely.
    4. Do you think individuals with mental illnesses are treated fairly by the society?
    5. Do you think the government will be able to limit the number of children in every family if the countries are overpopulated?
    6. Do you feel drunk drivers in your country are punished fairly?
    7. Do you believe King Arthur was a mystical legend or an actual king of the Dark Ages?
    8. Explore the key causes of the Rwandan genocide
    9. Explore the cause of countless disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle
    10. Present your views on why the world should pose a strict ban on nuclear power
    11. Do you feel that popular social media platforms should take more action to safeguard their users ' privacy?
    12. Do you believe PE classes should help students to stay in shape?
    13. Do you think ride-sharing companies like Lyft and Uber are good or bad for society?
    14. Do you believe Steve Jobs is a visionary or an outstanding marketer?
    15. Do you think stem cells must be utilized in medicines?
    16. Explore the connection between anxiety and perfectionism
    17. Explore the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of OCD
    18. Do you think the FDA must regulate supplements and vitamins more strictly?
    19. Discuss the remarkable ways to make health insurance more cost-friendly
    20. Do you think people over a certain age must not be given permission to adopt kids?
    • Descriptive Essay Topics

    1.  Explain why your mother is the most creative person
    2. Describe how one can make the world a better place to live
    3. Write about the demand for love in the life of every individual
    4. Describe the future of cloning on Earth
    5. Explain where you would like to go for vacation and why
    6. Describe your most suffocating day at the workplace and the ways you survived it
    7. Explain the best ways to evoke creativity and move ahead in your workplace
    8. Explain the plot of your favorite movie
    9. Explain the emotions demonstrated in the renowned painting of Mona Lisa
    10. Explain your favorite TV series and the reasons you liked watching it
    11. Explain a crucial event that hugely influenced your personality
    12. Explain the important psychological events that impacted your personality for the better
    13. Describe the most spectacular thing you wanted to remember
    14. Write about the oldest memory that you can recall and the reasons it has stuck with you
    15. Describe the objects you would like to bury in a time capsule
    16. Explain your most prized possession
    17. Present your views on the first concert you have ever attended
    18. Write an essay on how you would describe a smartphone to someone who belongs from the 80s
    19. Write about the writer with whom you can relate the most
    20. Write about the miracles of staying focused at the workplace
    • Narrative Essay Topics

    1.  Describe a time that you experienced something spooky
    2. Write about something a child said to you that put your whole life in perspective
    3. Describe a book that transformed your whole outlook on life
    4. Explain the ways VR transformed the perspective of your world
    5. Explain the ways you will make a difference in the world
    6. Describe an award or scholarship you just received
    7. Explain the ways you can express your personality through fashion
    8. Write about the role of ‘home’ in your life
    9. Describe the impact of technology on your writing and reading practices
    10. Explore the significance of literacy in aspects of your job aspirations
    11. Describe the successes and tribulations of maintaining a lasting bond
    12. Write about friendships that could be discovered in unexpected areas
    13. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling
    14. Describe the impacts of parental participation on student accomplishments
    15. Explore the consequences of having a long-distance relationship
    16. Discover the growth of your bond with a parent, brother, or sister
    17. Write about the effect of bookshops or libraries on your literary habits
    18. Explore a bad experience that completely changed your attitude toward life
    19. Write about a time when you had to take a stand for yourself or someone else
    20. Write how learning a second language can prove to be beneficial in your life
    •  Research Essay Topics

    1.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of going completely vegan
    2. Explore the psychological aspects of the perceptions of allergies
    3. Do you think children tend to concentrate remarkably in same-sex schools?
    4. Explore the psychological impacts of the Holocaust on the survivors
    5. Discuss the importance of nuclear power in the world
    6. Discuss the causes and impacts of mercy killing
    7. Explore the underground impacts of earthquakes
    8. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of euthanasia
    9. Do you think there exists any cure for Alzheimer’s disease
    10. Explore the negative impacts of cosmetic surgery
    11. Do you think bloggers can be considered journalists?
    12. Present your views on the relevance of literature in modern society
    13. Explore the causes and impacts of bullying
    14. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of global citizenship
    15. Explain how AI transforms the lives of human beings
    16. Present your views on how text messaging is impacting teen literacy
    17. Explore the advantages of daily exercise
    18. Explore the greatest successes and failures of the EPA
    19. Discuss feminism and the ways it is impacting society and the modern family
    20. Present a comparative analysis between traditional music and modern music
    • Expository Essay Topics

    1.  Discuss whether emotional state impacts our memory
    2. Explore how essential it is to draft the expository essay outline
    3. Do you think there should be uniforms in every educational institution?
    4. Discuss why teens are attracted to makeup
    5. Do you think China is responsible for overpopulation in this world?
    6. Explore certain weird superstitions that someone you know have
    7. Present your views on how authors transform the way people think
    8. Write about the role played by education in the development of a nation
    9. Discuss the phenomena that can be considered social issues
    10. Do you think it is right to use aspirin in the treatment of coronary heart disease?
    11. Discuss the natural ways to relieve chronic pain.
    12. Discuss why people tend to listen to sad songs in situations that are depressing.
    13. Explore the importance of technical progress in the history of the US
    14. Describe the psychological causes of racism
    15. Describe the consequences of the World War II
    16. Describe the ways doctors train to become well-qualified
    17. Present your views on the role of astronomy in ancient Greece
    18. Discuss the connection between being hungry and being lonely
    19. Do you feel people can get over their fear of heights?
    20. Present your views on how one can stop binge-watching random shows.
    • Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

    1. Present a comparative analysis between homeschooling and remote education
    2. Discuss the differences between the exploration of reality and fiction in Roman mythology
    3. Which is more challenging – school or college?
    4. Explore the advantages of working in the daytime against nighttime
    5. Discuss the impact of tea and coffee on the health of humans
    6. Present a detailed comparative analysis between Abraham Lincoln and Washington
    7. Explore the similarities and differences between a traditional versus smartphone
    8. Explore the pros and cons of rehabilitation
    9. Present a comparative analysis between professional and vocational courses
    10. Present a detailed comparison between Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama
    11. Describe the difference between nuclear power and coal-fired power plants
    12. Present a comparative analysis between working at home and working in the office
    13. Explore the difference between flying for travel and a road trip
    14. Present a comparative analysis between public and private school students
    15. Discuss the differences between the business culture of America and South Korea
    16. Present a comparative analysis between watching a movie at home or going to a cinema hall
    17. Present a comparative analysis between traditional education and homeschooling
    18. Present a comparative analysis between The Great Gatsby and Pride and Prejudice
    19. Which one do you think is more harmful to athletes – energy drinks or steroids?
    20. Present a comparative analysis between private and public schools.
    • Cause and Effect Essay Topics

    1. Explore the causes and impacts of climate change on coastal communities
    2. Discuss the causes and impacts of illegal immigration
    3. Describe the ways trauma impacts the psychological well-being of an individual
    4. Explore the causes and impacts of global warming
    5. Discuss the impact of games on human intelligence
    6. Describe the greatest impacts poverty has on people, along with the reasons.
    7. Explore the digital technologies that impact our communication skills and make us more distanced.
    8. Discuss how parent involvement impacts the education and growth of a child
    9. Explore why cyberbullying exists and the consequences it has on its victims
    10. Explore how traditional moral values are degrading in modern society
    11. Explain the ways anti-racist movements are stirring up racism
    12. Discuss the way popular culture is making men and women hate each other
    13. Explore the ways reading a book makes you experience a story in different ways than TV
    14. Discuss the reasons why so many children have lost interest in sports
    15. Discuss the ways sports can help people in developing their social skills
    16. Explore what causes earthquakes and how
    17. Discuss the negative effects of the internet on young children
    18. Why does having profound knowledge make it excessively easy to recognize lies?
    19. Discuss different temperaments and the ways they change the way we see things.
    20. Discuss what makes certain sports fans violent when watching a game.
    • Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

    1.  Do you think it is possible to conserve energy as a society?
    2. Discuss why recycling must become a mandatory practice in all households
    3. Do you think the age of drinking must be lowered? Should the death penalty be abolished?
    4. Do you believe social media is impacting the way we interact with each other?
    5. Explore how cloning must be offered for acceptable prices to grieving families.
    6. Discuss how the internet has helped queer community meet new people
    7. Describe how emotions could be a hindrance to having a successful life
    8. Do you think capitalism or socialism is the best economic system?
    9. Do you think young students should join a political party to improve the democratic process?
    10. Do you think the minimum wage should be increased in all countries?
    11. Are online classes replacing traditional courses in educational institutions?
    12. Explore the ways assisted suicide must be officially permitted in all countries.
    13. Do you think being loved is more significant than loving?
    14. Discuss the ways GPS poses serious threats to security and privacy
    15. Do you think student-athletes should get money for playing?
    16. Explore the impact of bodybuilding on a woman’s body in old age
    17. Do you believe educational institutions have the right to test students for drugs?
    18. Do you think WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter must be banned permanently?
    19. Explore how social media is portraying beauty standards
    20. Do you think Barack Obama was the first American president who made history?
    • Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

    1. Explain why it is not essential to believe all that you hear on infomercials.
    2. Do you believe violent videos are frying the brains of young people?
    3. Do you know what your dog is thinking?
    4. Explore how and why clothes make a man.
    5. Describe why your video game skills should help you get a good job.
    6. Write about why you hate country music like classic rock, rap, hip-hop, jazz, etc.
    7. Explain how playing with Barbie transformed your life
    8. Write about why people like watching shows with shark attacks
    9. Describe the ways to win a contest for the worst tattoo
    10. Explore how it is possible to write better essays even without practice
    11. Do you think Justin Bieber owes his success to negative PR?
    12. Do you truly believe a way to the man's heart is through his stomach?
    13. Do you believe panda hugging is a viable career option?
    14. Do you think tattoos must be perceived as a social deviation?
    15. Do you think spam emails are your favorite kinds of emails?
    16. Present your views on school dropouts are the best in our society
    17. How would you feel when another person steals your identity?
    18. Describe the ways to make your roommate believe that moving out is the best choice.
    19. Do you think dieting must not be practiced by school-going kids?
    20. Do you like using your surname?
    • Informative Essay Topics for Students

    1.  Describe the impacts of poverty on educational opportunities
    2. Discuss how music impacts mental health
    3. Explore the challenges of women's empowerment
    4. Describe the ways racism and discrimination impact mental health
    5. Discuss the ways quantum computing works and write about its applications
    6. Explain the history of animation and its significance in modern media
    7. Discuss the ways sleep patterns impact physical health
    8. Explore the significance of music in education
    9. Write about the power of positive thinking
    10. Share an experience of encountering a natural disaster
    11. Explain the power of storytelling and its effect on society
    12. Write about how travel has changed your perspective
    13. Describe the science behind lucid dreaming and the ways to achieve it
    14. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of various kinds of alternative medicine, like aromatherapy or acupuncture
    15. Explain the process behind creating and launching a successful e-commerce business
    16. Describe the history and cultural significance of burlesque and cabaret performance
    17. Discuss the best ways to solve conflicts with your siblings
    18. Write about the significance of learning a foreign language while in college
    19. Discuss the biography and cultural importance of the Beatles
    20. Explore the things that Steve Jobs stood for

    Final Thoughts,

    Writing stellar and impressive academic essays is no walk in the park. You will require guidance, consistency, determination, and adequate practice.

    It is also a multi-step process that demands considerable time, effort, and dedication. But, by breaking this complex process down into manageable steps, you will be able to turn in a supreme quality essay that successfully meets the expectations of your readers and contributes to your professional or academic success. Good luck!

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