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    100 Effective Persuasive Essay Topics

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    Persuasive Essay Topics
     Admin  Published On Apr 20, 2023 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  Essay

    Composing a stellar persuasive piece requires a diligently drafted argument that will resonate with your readers to sway them to your topic. This feat can be challenging if you do not have enough topic content in hand. But a thought-provoking, engaging speech topic is a fantastic place to start. 

    With selecting a topic for a persuasive essay, you may feel overwhelmed by all choices to choose from- or your mind may be consciously drawing a blank slate. If you are facing issues thinking of the perfect topic, do not worry. We are here to help!

    In this blog post, we start with the tips to draft the perfect persuasive essay structure, then transition to structure the essay, and finally, the bigger picture- persuasive essay topics.

    Skimming your eyes through the topics will help you create an essay- you can either choose from them or use them as creative inspiration for your independent ideas.

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    What is the Persuasive Essay Structure?

    A persuasive essay is a speech designed to sway readers to your point of view. Your teachers often set the essay topics with questions that enable you to pick them aside. However, if your teacher has not assigned you a question, pick one from the topics listed below. That way, you can choose a subject and argue the case you believe the most. 

    Remember, a good persuasive essay topic is well-researched, well-structured, and considers the audience's biases.

    Students often think- how to structure an essay? Do you also find yourself in such situations? If yes, then this section might help. 

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    Persuasive Essay Structure:

    • Introduction- The introductory paragraph is the place where you will introduce your topic's stage to your readers. The topic at hand must get a good introduction- here. It would help if you talked about why the subject is so divisive and why a decision must be made.
    • Thesis- Here, your readers will wait to get your point of view on the topic. Ensure that you research thoroughly before penning down the context to ensure your composition is well-informed and helpful to the audience.
    • Body- You can write as many paragraphs in this section. Use each paragraph to support your thesis. Once you have introduced your point, ensure that you have proper evidence to back up your claim. Every paragraph must have a smooth transition, thereby creating the bigger picture.
    • Conclusion- The concluding paragraph will do justice to all of your chief arguments. It would help if you introduced nothing new here.

    What are the Tips for Writing an Enticing Persuasive Essay? 

    Your question of how to write a persuasive essay will be answered in this blog section.

    Writing a persuasive essay becomes easier when you have these tips at your disposal:

    • First, do some thorough research on the chosen topic. Use whatever you find to help you form an opinion on the matter. Ask yourself- which way do I argue in my essay question?
    • Next, draft an outline. The above section will help you in doing this. Fill in the major points you have at hand and think about how to fit them together. This is no less than experimenting. So, use cards if you like or move sections around and see how they fit in.
    • Now, you will need to sit down and compose the essay. A good outline will make the task more manageable because it will be just about filling in the blanks. You must give yourself enough time to get this done correctly.
    • Last, edit the content and proofread it thoroughly. Make sure your speech is entirely polished before you hand it in.

    What are Some Persuasive Essay Topics to Write On? 

    Persuasive Essay Topics about Government and History

    • Was it necessary for Americans to use the atomic bomb in World War II?
    • Give your views on the statement- democracy is the best form of government
    • Are there any limits to the freedom of speech?
    • Are felons who have completed their sentences allowed to vote?
    • America is the most powerful nation in the world- Give your views
    • Was ancient European exploration a harmful thing or a good thing?
    • Should organisations be allowed to donate to political candidates?
    • Should international students have citizenship in the countries they have migrated to?
    • Should Congress members receive salaries during the government shutdown?
    • According to you, what is the most unjust law in the country you are residing in?

    Persuasive Essay Topics about Social Issues:

    • Should rich people pay more taxes?
    • Are mentally disabled people treated relatively by our society?
    • Do playing violent games make gamers more violent?
    • Should we give more money to the homeless?
    • If a nation has overpopulation, should the governing bodies limit the number of children in every family?
    • Are teenagers more impolite compared to other generations?
    • Is social media harmful or beneficial?
    • Is capital punishment ethical?
    • Should nations use a military draft?
    • Is appropriate punishment given to drunk drivers?

    Persuasive Essay Topics about Entertainment:

    • The list of music to listen to when you are sad
    • Are bad guys or good guys more interesting?
    • Are reality shows better than other shows?
    • Are scary movies entertaining to watch?
    • What is the best superpower to possess?
    • Should the audience be able to film live concerts?
    • Should movies and music be free?
    • What is the funniest movie you have ever seen?
    • What is the best book ever written according to you?
    • Are action movies better than comedy movies?
    • Is it better to stream a movie at home or go to the theatre to watch it?

    Persuasive Essay Topics about Technology and Science?

    • Should America finance another trip to the moon?
    • Is climate change real?
    • What is the most scientific breakthrough of your lifetime?
    • Should the governing bodies spend more time and resources on renewable energy?
    • Is animal testing ethical?
    • Is too much binge-watching harmful to children and teenagers?
    • Should organisations be allowed to create pollution if they make products that benefit society?
    • Is it okay for organisations to sell their consumers' data?
    • Are clinical trials that use placebos ethical?
    • Should guardians choose their child's traits before they are born?

    Persuasive Essay Topics about Nutrition and Health?

    • Should institutions sell only healthy food?
    • Should parents be needed to vaccinate for depression?
    • Are genetically modified foods safe?
    • Should institutions be allowed to drug test learners whenever they want? What about organisations and their employees?
    • Should healthcare be universal?
    • Is legalising marijuana a good idea?
    • Should teachers and doctors screen teenagers for depression?
    • Should physical education be needed in schools?
    • Are professional sports too dangerous?
    • How could you convince your friends and family members to be more physically active?

    Persuasive Essay Topics about Food

    • What is better: hot dogs or pizza?
    • Is it more fun to eat at home or in a restaurant?
    • Should junk food cost more than healthy food?
    • Is it better to have three set meals or snacks all day?
    • Should kids have to consume foods they dislike?
    • What is the best dish to serve at a party?
    • Should teenagers and children learn how to cook food?
    • What is the best dessert?
    • Is consumption of meat a good idea?
    • Should sugary drinks be allowed at school?

    Persuasive Essay Speech about School:

    • How students should be penalised for cheating in the examination?
    • What is the most exciting subject to learn to accord to you?
    • Should homework be required?
    • Are dress codes a good idea for schools?
    • Should students be given the option to select what they study?
    • Is it a good idea for friends to sit together in class?
    • Should students take a self-defence class?
    • Should learners be allowed to carry phones to schools?
    • Does your institution handle bullying well?
    • Is the school day too long?
    • What school rules would you change?
    • Does school start too early?

    Unique Persuasive Essay Topics:

    • How much should general people know about a celebrity's personal life?
    • Is it ethical to train cows, donkeys, and dogs as service animals?
    • Is it better to do a task silence or listen to music while working?
    • Do zoos exploit animals or give them protection?
    • Should people be allowed to clone themselves?
    • Is it better to be a night person or a morning person?
    • Is there ever a good reason to start a war?
    • What is the best career to have?
    • Is it better to 22, 22, or 42?
    • What is the worst season according to you?
    • Is loving your work more vital than making money?
    • Should you make new friends or focus on keeping the old ones as you get older?
    • Is print news still vital in a technological world?
    • Should guardians teach their children old-fashioned manners?
    • How would you convince your mayor to create a skate park?
    • What is the most vital crop to the modern economy?
    • If aliens came to our planet, should we befriend them?
    • Is it better to be poor and have friends or rich and alone?
    • Is life better than it was 50 years ago?
    • Should institutions teach abstinence-only education?
    • Should a college education be free?
    • Should healthcare be universal?
    • Should women get guaranteed maternity leave?
    • Should fast food be 'sin taxed' like cigarettes are?
    • How do you feel about paternity leave?
    • People say that gender is a norm constructed by the society. What are your views on this belief?
    • CEO wages are high without any reason- give your views on the topic.
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