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    Top 100 Persuasive Essay Topics/Ideas for Students

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    Persuasive Essay Topics
     Admin  Published On Sep 22, 2018 | Updated on Sep 12, 2023  Essay

    A persuasive essay is a piece of content that generally tries to persuade the readers to believe in a certain point of view, using genuine logic and reasons. It shares a number of similarities with argumentative essays. However, it takes a gentler and more spontaneous way to convince the readers how one idea is more legitimate than another.

    While drafting a five-paragraph long persuasive essay may sound comparatively easy to some people, finding the right topic for the essay is one task that troubles the majority of the essay writers. In fact, the most brilliant students in the class need to spare several hours from their schedule to pick the perfect topic for their persuasive essays.

    To make things little simpler for you, our experts have assembled some great ideas which you can refer to in case you are running out of ideas for your next persuasive essay.

    1. Educational institutes do not require advertisements.
    2. Breastfeeding should be allowed in public places.
    3. There should be an equal representation of gender in politics.
    4. A border fence cannot solve the immigration problem.
    5. National security is more important than privacy.
    6. Why should every school have uniforms for students?
    7. The use of social networking platforms should be restricted on school premises.
    8. Why identity theft is a serious problem for elderly people.
    9. Girls should have equal representation in co-ed wrestling and football games.
    10. Does sexual desire define human behaviour?
    11. Why are selfish people never happy with anything?
    12. Fast food restaurants should display the calorie count of each food item on their menu.
    13. Educated people should involve more in social work.
    14. Child molesters should be given stricter punishments.
    15. Parents should allow kids to doodle on the walls.
    16. Why fashion and an individual's personal preferences are important?
    17. Censorship plays a pivotal role in today’s digital world.
    18. Genetics has a significant role in determining a person's behaviour.
    19. Prisons should play soothing music every day to calm the prisoners.
    20. Billboards should be prohibited on highways.
    21. Recycling of goods should be made mandatory by law.
    22. The society needs to update the existing code of ethics.
    23. Why is artificial intelligence a threat to human existence?
    24. The concept of good and evil is relative.
    25. An alternative source of energy will replace fossil fuels.
    26. Should marijuana be available at the drug stores?
    27. Why cloning any living being is unethical?
    28. People should not be allowed to pet rare, exotic animals in their homes.
    29. Every family in the world should have a restriction on the number of children, as it is in China.
    30. Why should every company send "happy birthday" messages to their clients?
    31. Innovation has made us lazier than ever.
    32. Should journalists who distort the truth be punished by law?
    33. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – how true is this?
    34. Early marriages are more likely to end in divorce.
    35. Bermuda triangle is nothing but the creation of our imagination.
    36. Parents should stop lying to their kids about Santa Clause.
    37. Millennials are unhealthily addicted to social media.
    38. Meat lovers need to be more mindful of vegetarians.
    39. Why is mountain climbing not for everyone?
    40. Too much positivity can cause more harm than good.
    41. Should hyperactive kids be given special treatment?
    42. Why is it unsafe to eat genetically modified food?
    43. Animal sports like horse racing should be banned.
    44. Coaches should strictly punish sportsmen for taking illegal drugs.
    45. Sex education classes would make more sense to the younger teenagers.
    46. Should people start selling beers to college students?
    47. Should parents allow their teenage kids to have tattoos?
    48. Are electric cars actually good for the environment?
    49. Should people abandon cash and use plastic cards only?
    50. Does smoking help people make acquaintances?
    51. Too much political correctness is making communication more confusing.
    52. Children should be paid by parents for home chores.
    53. Humans are the main causes of climate change.
    54. Businesses should offer more incentives to do more volunteer work.
    55. How is it justified to call a war “a peacemaking operation”?
    56. Listening to favourite music can heal.
    57. Why is too much dependency on technology actually bad?
    58. Should companies try to copy the activities of their competitors?
    59. Do the online students have better chances to cheat?
    60. Should countries issue “one-car-per-family” policies for the citizens?
    61. Should lottery be declared illegal?
    62. Should you create your own subculture?
    63. What would happen if aliens invade the earth?
    64. Your video game skills can get you a real job.
    65. Global leaders should not invest in biological weapons.
    66. Genetically modified organisms can have benefits.
    67. Cats make better pets than turtles.
    68. People should stop downloading movies from the internet.
    69. Hunting is unethical under all circumstances.
    70. Studying the nature of mobile apps is beneficial for IT students.
    71. Why having no sibling is actually bad for a kid?
    72. Torture should be declared illegal in all countries.
    73. The world would be a better place when women have an equal chance at education.
    74. It is unethical to place physically disabled children in separate schools.
    75. Music is therapeutic for the cure of mental illnesses.
    76. In swimming and dancing, women perform better than most men.
    77. Bullies must be expelled from the school.
    78. Textbooks should be available for free to all students.
    79. Harmful tobacco products should be more expensive.
    80. Having too much money is a bad thing for an individual.
    81. Should high schools distribute birth control?
    82. Kids should get rewards for achieving higher grades.
    83. Car manufacturers must install breathalysers on every car.
    84. There should be one currency in the world.
    85. Virtual reality can be harmful to the kids.
    86. Freedom of religion is limited.
    87. Investing in cryptocurrency is a good idea.
    88. Should police officers wear a video camera all the time to reduce the use of deadly force?
    89. Do the fitness apps have any significant impact on an individual's health?
    90. Driverless cars will soon be changing our lives.
    91. Should there be any child-free restaurants in the society?
    92. Wikipedia should never be considered a credible source of information.
    93. Should couples live together before marriage?
    94. Parents should open up to their teenage kids about sex for a healthier future.
    95. Why is it so important to have an account in social media platforms?
    96. Shakespeare’s plays would be more interesting if the length is shortened.
    97. Is China a new superpower?
    98. Are conflicts necessary to maintain a healthy relationship?
    99. Should students be given the option to skip their lectures if they have better reasons?
    100. The first impression of a person may not always be right.

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