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    How to Write a Descriptive Essay?- Guide with Examples

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    How To Write A Descriptive Essay
     Admin  Published On Sep 5, 2018 | Updated on Sep 12, 2023  Essay

    Tricks for Descriptive Essay on an Admired Person

    If you are a creative person and love to write, then a descriptive essay is something that you would crave for. Moreover, if the topic is about writing on the person you admire, then nothing likes it. This is a fantastic way to show your writing potential and also how much that person is important to you. It can also be a fictional one, but if you have someone in your life that you truly admire, then this can be the best way to show the real emotional quotient of your mind. Sometimes, we often fail to express our love, respect and other emotional attachments to the person we love or admire. At that time, a piece of writing can be the best way to express those untold words for the person.

    As this type of essay is not a very conventional one in the field of education, some of the students may not be able to understand the process and structuring of the essay. Here are some of the amazing and useful tips that can give you a direct idea about forming a descriptive essay about the person you admire. Read more and implement the steps.

    1. Choose the person 

    If you get confused that you have a lot of person in your life that is your inspiration, then confusion will get over you on the very first step. Therefore, it is important for you to find out who can be the one you should write on. The person can be your father, mother, teacher, friend or even a celebrity. Choose first and then try to write a small paragraph on them. 

    When you brainstorm and get the idea about what you should write, you do not have to stumble on the struggle with the essay further. Therefore, this is the best way to get the draft of the essay. Once you get over it, the other formatting will fall into place automatically. 

    1. Start in a storytelling way 

    As it is already said that a descriptive essay about the person you admire is not a direct academic essay, you do not have to find out the format. You can start off with a story or any experience that you have with that person. This is where you can show your real potential of writing. A storytelling way is the best way to grab the attention as well. If you make your essay attractive enough, then you can impress your teachers on the very first stroke. 

    1. Scope for imagination 

    When you are writing on the person you admire, you have to pour the last drop of emotion that you have for him or her. So, the write up should be able to make a picture of the person on the readers; mind. The explanation and the other factors should be very expressive so that it leaves a scope for imagination. When you write, do not tell directly; rather show it in your words. For example:- if you say the man came near to me, hugged me and kissed on my forehead. Here, you can easily describe that the man is happy without even using the word. 

    So, the scope for imagination is the best part of the descriptive essay. 

    1. Usage of senses 

    When you write about your favorite aspects of the person you admire, mention the five senses to make it more appropriate. The five attributes are sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. You can write what physically attracts you about the person, how does the speech sound like, how is the touch of that person, do you get a special smell from them? Or, do you people have any unique chicken recipe that no one knows? Highlight the personal and loving moments to make it more pictures perfect for the readers. 

    1. Reread your essay:- 

    Once you are done with the writing, the best way to make it perfect is to reread the same. It may happen that you could not realize your mistakes while writing in a flow. So, when you are done with the write-up, read your essay thoroughly. Some of the points that you should keep in mind are:- 

    • A consistent flow of your essay is maintained or not
    • Whether it is grammatically correct or not
    • Check for spelling, punctuation, and syntax as well
    • Do not use too many adjectives to define the person

    These are the basic points that you should keep in mind while checking out the whole essay. If you think that these given points are maintained in your essay, you can win the game!

    1. Do not panic for missing the deadline 

    Most of the students fail to make the essay impressive because they hurry with the writing part due to less time. When they realize that there is not much time for submitting the essay, they panic and make the essay unimpressive. So, it is also suggested to start the work on time and finish it before the deadline. 

    This can help them to go for a constructive thinking and also make the essay perfect. Scoring well is the intention; therefore, hurrying can be ruining the whole thing. 

    1. Do not make it too emotional 

    Sometimes, the flow of emotion cannot be controlled by you. But, keep in mind that you need to submit the essay for your semester. Therefore, out of emotion, do not write something which you shouldn’t be writing. 

    Too much emotion can make it unimpressive to the readers. So, write the points which can be included. 

    1. Give a suitable conclusion 

    The best way to make the descriptive essay good and outstanding is finishing it in the most poignant way. You should give a brilliant conclusion to the essay so that it does not seem to be incomplete. Once you do that, you can say that a good job has been done by you! 

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