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    Who Am I Essay : How to Write it?

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    Who Am I Essay : How to Write it?
     Admin  Published On Jun 6, 2019 | Updated on Sep 12, 2023  Essay

    Writing a ‘who am I’ essay is indeed a difficult task. We often dig into our heads and souls to look for an answer to “who am I.” Most of us have faith that every action and feelings have a logical explanation. Also, we think that every habit has its own root. Somewhere in our subconscious, we have a feeling that we are doing everything right. Therefore, writing a flawless and unbiased ‘Who am I’ essay is almost impossible.

    Hence, when you plan to write a ‘Who am I’ essay, you need to figure out certain things and find out how can you be unbiased. It is compulsory, especially when you need to regulate your thoughts and decide how to move ahead with the write-up and establish who you are.

    Why do you need to write a ‘Who am I’ essay?

    You can be assigned with the task of writing a ‘Who am I’ essay at any point of your academic career. You may need to write an essay for your job, bio or college application essay. When you write an essay for yourself, it will be about self-analysis. There is no purpose or concrete rules and regulations for writing the essay.  However, you need to be focused and decide how to craft the essay and make sure it precise.

    In case of a college application essay or bio-data, everything is a bit more complicated. Your essay has to be convincing enough so that the admission committee understands your expertise.

    To impress the supervisor or the job interviewer, you need to follow the guidelines of writing an essay on the topic ‘Who am I’. Read on to know how you can write an essay with a proper self-analysis so that you can impress your supervisors.

    5 simple ways to analyse yourself

    As you know that a ‘who am I’ essay is all about self-analysis. Thus, before writing the essay, it is important to know the ways of self-analysis. It is not a very easy task. Read on to know the 5 effective steps of self-analysis.

    • Assess your self-esteem: Before analysing yourself, you need to find out and realise your self-esteem. When you try to understand your self-esteem, it becomes easier for writing.
    • you to understand who you are. While realizing yourself, you will slowly understand that much of what drives behavior and self-perception is the result of subconscious attitudes and beliefs. You need to figure out your perspective like how you see yourself. Unless you realize your value, you cannot analyse yourself.
    • Understand your personalityTo understand your personality, you need to find out the category that you fall in. There are 5 traits of personality, namely “Extraversion, neuroticism”, "Conscientiousness," "Agreeableness," and "Openness to Experience.”. These 5 personality traits reflect the general component of your character. You need to take a minute to find out which category you fall into. When you understand the personality trait, it will be easier for you to express who you are.


     Image 2


    Figure 1: Personality Traits that You Must Know


    • Evaluate your thinking pattern: It is very important to evaluate your thinking pattern when you want to do a self-analysis. Evaluating how you think and express is very important to judge your characteristics. When you know your thinking pattern, you can easily understand your shortcomings and work on them accordingly.
    • Focus on your life goals: When you need to write an essay on ‘Who am I’, you should be focused on your goals. Your life goals will help you to understand who you are. This is essential for self-analysis.  Use your essay to explain your goals and write why you set such goals in your life.
    • Analyse your achievements: To do a self-analysis, it is important for you to analyse your achievements. This will help you to express yourself in a better way. Your achievements are the biggest strength, and these are the best source for self-analysis.

    Once you are done with the self-analysis, you can easily write an essay on the topic ‘Who am I’. Follow the tips discussed below to make your paper flawless.

    6 best ways to write a brilliant ‘Who am I?’ essay

    You have to believe that your personality is outstanding and you are the most deserving candidate. To make the admission committee agree to your opinion, you need to make your ‘Who am I’ essay brilliant to the extent that the committee doesn’t give a second thought before choosing you. Here are some of the amazing ideas to write a brilliant essay.

    • Be yourself: The first criterion of a fabulous ‘who am I’ essay is to be honest. Always remember that if you provide fake information about yourself in the essay, it can be the biggest turn-off. You should be honest and provide original information only.
    • Be particular about your passion: When you have to write an essay about yourself, how can you forget to write about your passion? When you write about something you love, it automatically elevates the quality of your essay. You can add your experience and feelings in the essay so that your application essay reflects your passion.
    • Give importance to stories: When you draft an essay on the topic ‘Who am I,’ you need to make it interesting to your audience. Sharing personal and interesting stories is a great idea.  When you do that, you never have to think about impressing your supervisor.
    • Explore your creativity: When you need to write about yourself, you can forget about the rules. ‘Who am I’ essays are not academic essays to be exact. Thus, there is no need to maintain any format. You can switch on your creativity and express your opinion. You can be ‘YOU’ by using creativity to write the assignment.
    • Don’t take to boasting: You need to remind yourself that nobody likes upstarts. You need to demonstrate your qualities and achievements to make a good impression. You should not boast about yourself to the extent that you sound arrogant. Readers should understand that your achievement is the result of your hard work.
    • Focus on your potential: Use your essay to highlight your potential. The admission committee should know what you are good at. You should also mention about your future plans and explain how studying in the college is important to you.

    These are some of the unique steps to write an essay on self-analysis. Are you looking for a sample essay? Here is an example of a ‘who am I?’ essay.

    Sample of a ‘Who am I?’ essay

    Who am I? I am yet to know

    I have never given much thought to who I am. People say I am an extrovert. However, those who don’t know me will always think I am shy and reserved. My friends have a different opinion altogether. According to my friends, I am very talkative and outspoken.

    I was a problem child in my school. My mother says I have always given her sleepless nights because I stayed awake in the hours of the night. I never loved to study and I was a very poor performer. I always wanted to be a singer and a composer.

    My passion was music and I sang all day long. My father thought I would fail in exams. I never failed in my exams, but my world was different from others. I inherited my granddad’s love for singing. He was my best friend. He used to gift me albums of Bob Dylan and John Lenon when I was very young.

    I love music more than anything in the world. I listen to every form of music, starting from Pop to Jazz. Taylor Swift is my all time favourite. I wanted to be a successful singer like her. My biggest fear is not achieving my dream. I went on to believe that I would not make it as a successful singer and my passion will be unfulfilled.  

    Little did I know that one always needs a friend, philosopher and guide who can make you realise that you have the potential.

    One day, when I was humming a tune, my best friend listened to it and said that I have the potential to be a singer. He was my inspiration and always encouraged me to take up singing as my profession.  

    Presently, I am following my passion and I have joined music classes. Along with that, I am also learning to play acoustic guitar. I aim to be a singer one day. Now, I aspire to be a part of Leeds College of Music so that I can fulfil my dream of becoming a singer and music composer one day.

    If I have to answer the question ‘Who am I,’ my answer would be that I want to be a passionate musician. Music is in my soul and I can never stop singing until my last breath. I hope I will accomplish my ambition and establish myself as a great singer.

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