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    Dissertation Topics & Ideas for Students

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     Admin  Published On Sep 17, 2018 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  Dissertation

    You will never find anyone who can confidently say that drafting a dissertation is an easy task to perform. Even the finest writers in the academic sector identify dissertation as one of the most challenging academic papers among the lot. It is not only time-consuming but a tiring job as it involves research work, analysis, structure building, the establishment of supporting arguments, drafting, editing, and whatnot. However, the foremost challenge that you may face while preparing a dissertation is always the selecting an appropriate topic.

    One of the major challenges that students often require the assistance of experts is because they often fail to pick the right topic for their dissertation. Well, if you are also going through the same struggle, here is something good for you. The experts have assembled a list of 100 intriguing topics across 10 different subject areas that may just be enough to get you started.

    Law Dissertation Topics

    1. Human rights and the laws against terrorism: Is the restriction of civil liberties for the sake of public safety justified or should it be opposed?
    2. Is restricting the freedom of speech of a journalist justifiable under certain circumstances?
    3. How can the concerned authority prevent the problem of homelessness legally?
    4. Is it possible for the authors and copyright owners to protect their rights online?
    5. How does the approach towards the employment protection in the US.
    6. Should cohabitants be treated equally to married couples?
    7. The moral aspects of abortion and how it is treated by the law in the US
    8. Is the judicial review system due for a change? Explain why.
    9. Does the issue of division of assets get a fair treatment by the Law in case of a divorce?
    10. How can the existing problems surrounding the legislation on organ retention be regulated?

    MBA Dissertation Topics

    1. The role of older employees in the workplaces and how they are being treated.
    2. The role of the country's economic condition in domestic businesses.
    3. The utilisation of human resources in large firms.
    4. The concept of sustainable business technicalities and their impact on a company’s growth.
    5. The influence of retail layout on the retail businesses.
    6. How do large-scale companies manage to overcome leadership scams over time?
    7. How do organisations manage the workforce diversity in the workplace?
    8. How can corporate governance help control the operations of a company?
    9. Why is it important for the brands to raise brand awareness and ensure recall values among the prospects?
    10. The employee conflicts in the start-ups and how it can be dealt with.

    English Dissertation Topics

    1. Discuss the influence of the Holy Bible on Milton’s writing.
    2. Give a comparative analysis between the interior and interiority described in 18th-century novels.
    3. Discuss and analyse how Robert and Elizabeth Berrett Browning addressed love and communication in their poems.
    4. The metaphysical tradition as per Bulwer-Lytton.
    5. Discuss the influence of politics in literature in the 19th
    6. Discuss and analyse the way gender was represented in the gothic novel in the 19th
    7. Discuss the roles of nature and blindness in Shakespeare's King Lear, and Chaucer's the Merchant's Tale.
    8. A comparative study of the urban imagery used in Gaskell’s Mary Barton and Alan Sillitoe’s Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.
    9. The role of the clown in the Gothic novel: Comic relief or the nightmare of a twisted psyche?
    10. Discuss the context of Time and Space in “The Time Machine and “The Island of Dr Moreau”.

    Physics Dissertation Topics

    1. The LHC era: Super-symmetry and Dark Matter
    2. Discuss the electron transport dynamics in semiconductor heterostructure devices.
    3. Quantum ferromagnets: Phases and Phase Transitions
    4. Discuss the mechanical effects, interference, and storage of single photons in the coupled optical cavities.
    5. Lipid bilayers and microrheology
    6. A study on the decaying colourful quantum black holes.
    7. Discuss the Einstein equations on cosmological solutions and singular symmetric hyperbolic systems
    8. Analyze the electron spins in diamond and optical control.
    9. Discuss the transient optomechanical phenomenon related to optomechanical light storage
    10. The imaging and dissipative control of cold atoms.

    Biology Dissertation Topics

    1. The impact of drought on Malus domestica ‘Katy’ and Malus domestica ‘Dabinett’.
    2. Discuss the contribution of ion-channel mutations to neuro-degeneration
    3. Discuss the ethical implications of ‘saviour siblings’.
    4. Analyze the long-term behavioural effects of mephedrone upon rabbits.
    5. Discuss how the stem cell niches reduce the excessive stem cell proliferation
    6. Analyze and discuss the impact of sewage outlet proximity on coral health.
    7. Do a critical evaluation of the methods of diagnosing cancers.
    8. The significance of maternal diet on the cases of early childhood obesity.
    9. Discuss the reciprocal altruism in dogs towards humans.
    10. The role of organic methods of control of Dermanyssus gallinae in the commercial chicken populations.

    Chemistry Dissertation Topics

    1. Discuss the application of solar energy conversion or electrocatalysis
    2. Fundamental studies of the Diels-Alder reaction
    3. Discuss and analyse the nuclear magnetic resonance of organic compounds
    4. The role of Marie Curie in modern chemistry
    5. Analyze the roles of Aldehydes and Ketones as flavoring agents
    6. Carboxylate and Sulfonate ion-containing polymers
    7. Discuss and analyse alcohol poisoning and fetal alcohol syndrome
    8. Analyze the effects of mixed salts on aqueous interfaces
    9. Discuss what happens when fluoride is put on water
    10. Discuss and analyse the process of turning yeast into a biofuel

    History Dissertation Topics

    1. Discuss how secure English Protestantism was during the early period of Elizabeth I’s reign.
    2. Discuss and analyse the significance of migration to the development and growth of the urban centers during the 18th
    3. Give a thorough analysis of the inflation-related problems during the latter years of Philip II’s reign and the nature of his inheritance to his son.
    4. Discuss the role of the battle of Vienna in the Ottoman-Habsburg wars.
    5. Provide a complete assessment of the Carolingian Renaissance.
    6. Discuss and analyse the census returns on the changing face of London East End during 1851-1901.
    7. Assess the politics of theatre attendance in Paris during the 18th century
    8. Did the First World War achieve anything? Was it resolved successfully?
    9. Discuss the reason behind the fall of the Labour government in 1924.
    10. Analyze the policies and support for the growing Fascist movement in Britain during the 1930s.

    Political Science Dissertation Topics

    1. Give a comparative analysis between Liberalism and Conservatism
    2. How is the ethnic make-up of the United States political landscape changing over the years?
    3. Discuss how the European Union creates its legislation.
    4. Are religion and US politics intertwined? – Discuss the evidence.
    5. Is there anything called true democracy in today’s world or do we have different versions of Dictatorship?
    6. Discuss and analyse the political process that led to the war in Iraq in the 21st
    7. Asses the female representation in the arena of global politics.
    8. The role of modern-day technology in today’s political sphere.
    9. How did the evolution of media influence the practice of electoral campaigns?
    10. Do a comparative analysis between the functions of the legislative and executives in the presidential and parliamentary system of governments. 

    Psychology Dissertation Topics

    1. Discuss the prevalence of body-image disturbances among the men in their 40s.
    2. The contribution of attention, expectation and other emotional states to the perception of pain among individuals.
    3. Discuss the changes that occur in the neural processing in the process of identification of objects and analyse the role of implicit visual processing.
    4. Evaluate the role of the prefrontal cortex in short-term memory.
    5. Does the concept of subliminal perception real or is it just a part of a more complex phenomenon?
    6. The influence of culture on the conversational understanding where children usually don’t usually communicate with adults.
    7. Discuss the relevance of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development in the light of modern findings in cognitive neuroscience.
    8. Discuss how cognitive neuroscience can inform social psychology in relation to the integration of social dimensions of cognition and knowledge of neural networks and mechanisms.
    9. A comparative analysis: The adaptive phobias and anxiety state vs learned ones.
    10. The significance of the anterior cingulate cortex for understanding cognitive deficits in Schizophrenia.

    Sociology Dissertation Topics

    1. How has the popular culture in the US changed in the last few decades?
    2. What are the influences of cultural invasion from immigrants on the indigenous values, norms, and beliefs of US?
    3. Analyze the structure of the education system in public schools with relevance to socially excluded young citizens.
    4. Assess the Conflict Theory of Marx in education in reference to the US’s public school system.
    5. Give a comparative analysis of the cross-religious beliefs and values in the US.
    6. Conduct a historical analysis of the basic family size and structure in the US.
    7. How is the inequality in society connected to family diversity and stratification in the US?
    8. Do a critical analysis of the idea of introducing the communist model to US society.
    9. Is punishment the only solution to prevent criminal activities? Assess the issue while exploring the alternatives to crime prevention.
    10. Discuss and analyze the ways through which the organizations in the US can attain cultural harmony and manage cultural diversity. 

    Well, these suggestions may help you get started on your dissertation proposal for now. However, you can improve your knowledge about the subject area you are pursuing to discover new areas that have not been discussed much in the past. Working on the unexplored plain may be a risky move if you are running out of time, but it is often a rewarding one.

    Yes, there are several other subject areas, on which you can write your dissertation. It will be better if you can get a membership in the local library and spend a considerable amount of time to expand your knowledge on various issues and topics on the subject you are pursuing. Nobody said, preparing for a remarkable dissertation will be easy, but if you arm yourself with various resources and a significant amount of knowledge, the journey will be much easier for you. 

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