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    How Do You Write A Dissertation Methodology

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    Dissertation Methodology
     Admin  Published On Apr 4, 2020 | Updated on Sep 12, 2023  Dissertation

    Importance Of A Dissertation Methodology Structure

    Your dissertation methodology must establish a clear understanding of the relationship between your research question, the existing reports that you have surveyed, and the methods used by you to conclude. No matter which from which line of study you belong, your dissertation methodology structure must explain the following:

    • A recap of the research topic:

    You need to demonstrate the purpose of choosing the issue and reason for choosing the method. You can reword the question tactfully to bridge the gap between the literature review and dissertation methodology.

    • A clear description of the method:

    Here, you clearly explain the process of accumulating and analyzing all data and choosing the right approach for answering the question. You must write in a clear and detailed format so that other scholars can easily refer to your work.

    • Background and rationale of your chosen design:

    Your dissertation methodology doesn't only describe the method, but you must discuss the reasons why you believe it the right process to yield the best outcome.  It must give an insight into the analyses and conclusions innovatively and creatively.  

    • Evaluation and limitation of the chosen method:

    You must remember that no research method is perfect. Whether you have chosen a qualitative approach or a quantitative approach, it must yield vital insights. Don't hesitate to talk about the limitations of the method. However, at the same time, you must justify why it is the best approach to your problem.

    Choosing the Right Dissertation Methodology

    Choosing a method ultimately depends on your line of study and the question of your dissertation. You can either use the qualitative approach or the quantitative approach. However, some scholars prefer to use a combination of both methods.

    • Qualitative research methods:

    This method is suitable for gathering non-statistical data. You need to create proper categories and categorize the data accordingly. You can use this method to develop a hypothesis. For collecting qualitative data, you can conduct a focus group, take interviews, and make observations.

    • Conducting Interviews: When and where did the interview take place? Who was involved? How were they selected? What type of questions? How did you record the findings? Include the questions as an appendix.
    • Focus groups: When and where did the focus group take place? Who all were involved? How they were there in the group? Were the questions of a structured? Include a copy of the problems.  
    • Making personal observations: You must provide answers to all W's and how's. Where and when did you make an observation? Were they members of any community? How long did you observe? How did you record the findings- video footage, audio recordings, or written documents?
    • Quantitative research methods:

    It is the ideal method if you want to measure, identify, or categorize the patterns in data. Conducting experiments, surveys, or tests are a popular way of gathering data.

    • Conducting experiments: You must make a note of the tools and techniques used for holding the trials so the other scholars can do the same and obtain the same outcome.
    • Surveys and tests: What type of questions- multiple-choice or free-text? How many questions did each set contain? How many of them participated? Include a copy of the survey.
    • Existing data: What were the primary sources of the materials used and how were they selected?

    Useful Tips For Writing A Dissertation Methodology

    The primary objective of your dissertation methodology is not only to describe the used methods but also to demonstrate why and how you have used them. Take note of these tips for writing your dissertation methodology:

    • Always refer to the methodology sections of past researchers. It helps to give you an idea of what a good quality dissertation methodology looks like.
    • Make a proper outline of the structure. Write each section, use headings, and justify all your arguments with valid factual data.
    • You must consider your readers. If you have chosen a method that is widely used by your discipline, there is no need of providing extensive justification.
    • Don’t get diverted from your prime focus. Highlight the overall aims and objectives of your research.
    • Be honest and talk about the challenges you faced during the data collection and analysis process and how overcame those obstacles or minimized the impact.
    • Take your time to write a conclusion for your dissertation methodology. Only trust authentic sources for relevant information and seek help from your supervisor in doubt.

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