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    How to Maintain Work with Studying and Stay Sane?

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     Admin  Published On May 29, 2018 | Updated on Jul 28, 2023  General

    “It's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family“

    - Philip Green, British Businessman

    Do you remember the last time when you actually managed to have a peaceful sleep after managing a huge chunk of workload, concerning your academic assignments and office tasks? If you couldn’t recall experiencing the same in the past, then probably you’re in need of maintaining a healthy work schedule and study life simultaneously.

    It goes without saying that both job and study are equally important for an individual, and especially when the person is trying to make both ends meet by earning pocket-money or a decent salary that can help him/her support an uninterrupted academic life.

    So, here are some of the most effective ways, helpful tips and suggestions that can assist you in maintaining a seamless balance between your part-time job and daily academic priorities simultaneously.

    1. Try being self-disciplined and organized

    In order to maintain a seamless work and academic life balance, the first and foremost thing which you need to consider is being organized and self disciplined. If you are not prioritizing working on these two attributes, then things would eventually worsen, as you will be lacking focus, peace of mind and a proper balance which are required to carry on with your duties uninterruptedly.

    1. Say NO to procrastination

    You may find things tiresome at times which, as a result, may keep you away from work, as you will be looking for an escape. This would only lead to further dilemma instead of solving it. Both your office tasks and the academic assignments would remain pending in the long run.

    Now can that be of any significant help? It never can be! So, the best way to balance your work and academics simultaneously is not to keep tasks pending. If things get piled up once, it would certainly be a difficult task to manage the entire workload all together.

    1. Learn how not to take much stress

    In today’s world of fierce competition and rat race, stress has done more damage to people than anything else. It is perhaps the greatest enemy to the entire human race. If you think that the stress is too much or somewhat unbearable to carry on with, then look for healthier practices, and consider being active, focused and come up with every other idea that can help you reduce or at least manage stress moderately.

    It is advised that in order to reduce stress and opt for a healthier lifestyle, one must consider getting enough sleep, eating healthy food and maintain a diet that can help him/her remain energetic, active and functional.

    1. Arrange your work according to priority

    It is important that you have a clear understanding of both academic and part-time job assignments. So, you may choose to arrange each of the tasks in accordance with the priority, in terms of submission deadlines, technical complexities, and time required to finish the task and the likes.

    This, at the end of the day, would help you manage work and study in a healthy and smooth sailing manner.

    1. Manage your finance well

    If you are a part-time employee and student who meets expenses by earning a salary end of the month, then it is vital that you focus on how your finance can be managed effectively. It is advised that one should always refrain from spending that hard-earned money on unnecessary things.

    If in case, you end up keeping a minimal amount in hand with greater expenses to meet in the upcoming days of the month, then a financial stress might just get the better of you. This, as a result, will again affect a smooth study and job life.

    1. Don’t just work; have fun too

    If all that you are concentrating on is nothing but work, then things are bound to get affected in the long run. Too much of work is certainly harmful, as it can bring negative impacts. You will be affected with unnecessary stress, anxiety disorders, sleeplessness and more. So, it is always important that you take some time out to meet your friends, socialize and engage yourself in other recreation which may make you feel better and rejuvenated for a while.

    1. Maintain a healthy diet

    A proper diet has many advantages, and helping people maintain a balanced lifestyle is certainly one of them. Consider eating healthy foods, and it shall help you stay fit and active. On the contrary, consuming too much of junk foods can have a negative impact in your body. This, as a result might hinder a well-balanced academic and work life.

    1. Prioritize exercising your mind

    In addition to considering each of the suggestions mentioned above, it is quite crucial that you have peace of mind as well. This is something that gets us going. There are various exercises such meditation, reading, involving in physical exercises and more. If you consider such activities, and aim to practice the exercises on a regular basis, then a balanced mind-set will allow you to manage things in a more organized way. 

    Stuck in Between Work and Academic Pressure?

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