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    15 Tools to Avoid Plagiarism and Keep Academic Integrity Intact

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    15 Tools to Avoid Plagiarism and Keep Academic Integrity Intact
     Admin  Published On Oct 21, 2019 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  General

    The rapid growth in technology and communication in the last decade has made plagiarism a modern epidemic. Whether intended or unintended, plagiarism comes at a hefty price. Academic piracy can get you suspended or worse, expelled from school. Moreover, it can have a terrible impact on your academic record. Even if your research paper shows an ignorable amount of academic theft, the damage on your career could be irreparable. You could be disqualified from continuing your research, and you would be ousted so that you could bag no respectable designation.

    Moreover, plagiarism is a criminal offense, which can leave a permanent imprint on your life with a legal case slapped upon your name. And that is not all! You may even have to pay lofty fines or provide financial restitution to the author whose work you have stolen.

    So you can very well understand the havoc that traces of the second copy in your academic paper can wreak, right? But thanks to several plagiarism tools and software, you can free yourself from the deadly claws of unintentional plagiarism.

    Whether you are a student, a teacher or a researcher, here are some of the best tools that can help you avoid the menace that plagiarism is.

    Resources for Proper Citation

    1. Citation Machine

    This is a website that can be used by researchers and professionals to cite the sources properly. You can select from APA, MLA, Chicago and Turabian citation styles. The best thing about the tools is its user-friendly interface. All you need to do is copy and paste the content of your paper, and with just one click you can get your hands on the report. Moreover, the tool also offers free 20 uses, so there is no need to shell out money from your pockets.

    1. CrossRef

    It is a collaborative organisation that works through the online medium and promotes the development and usage of innovative techniques to facilitate scholarly research. It can be described as a backbone of citation linking of all academic information that is available in the electronic format. You can use it to find, access, link or cite any content easily.

    1. EasyBib

    It describes itself as an information literacy platform that provides citation, research tools and note-taking facilities. The user-friendly features help you to become organised and effective. A favourite among professors and university tutor boards, the tool comes in two versions – the free and the premium. After the first five trials, you may have to spend money for the subscription, but that will be worth every penny you spend.

    1. EndNote

    It is a powerful research and reference manager, which allows the user to search hundreds of online databases, organise and store your research and other related notes. You can also share your research with your friends online and collaborate with them to develop it. It is available in different versions – for desktop, for tablet (iPad) and the basic versions.

    1. Mendeley

    This online website is equally helpful for the students as well as for the researchers. You can search, sort all the references and documents as you write. It also helps to generate citations and bibliography in any style of your choice. Mendeley also offers the opportunity to connect with colleagues and create a collaborative research paper.

    Resources Especially For Students

    1. Turnitin

    Turnitin is one of the most popular online mediums which provides complete feedback to the students. It is a cloud-based service which functions on the search capabilities of the internet. It gives the user a comprehensive report on every research papers by highlighting the areas which can be plagiarised. Hence, it ensures total academic integrity. It also provides online grading through which the students can understand their weaknesses and work on the same.

    1. Copyleaks

    A cloud-based authentication platform, CopyLeaks enables you to track scan content in various file formats and all Unicode languages. You can even use their API tool to search for plagiarised content in your copy all over the internet. The best feature of the tool is that it also comes as a mobile app that students can use on the go. The tool also offers an extension for MS Office that can help you check for plagiarisms while writing a document on MS Word.

    1. Grammarly

    Grammarly is a free (the premium version is paid) online medium, which helps to enhance the clarity of writing by identifying the mistakes in the paper. The students can use it to check grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, sentence structure and punctuation. It has a plagiarism identifier which detects any unoriginality of the content. It also has a vocabulary enhancement section which suggests better words in the content to make it more credible.

    1. Dupli Checker

    One of the most effective plagiarism detection tools on the internet, the tool comes with an easy-to-use interface and is free of charge. However, there is a premium version that offers a paid subscription for added features like saving files in more than ten formats. The tool comes with a functional layout where all you have to do is upload the document to the tool and save the checked file in your laptop. You can also copy and paste your text in the field and then check for plagiarism.

    1. PaperRater

    A multi-purpose free plagiarism detection tool, PaperRater is used in schools, colleges and universities in over 140 countries. The tool comes with 3 features. They are – (1) Proofreading & Grammar Check features that check grammatical inconsistencies and spelling errors, (2) A vocabulary builder that replaces commonly used words with better synonyms, (3) A plagiarism checker that checks for pirated content through millions of copies on the internet. The tool is also known for its speed as it delivers accurate results in seconds.

    1. WriteCheck

    This online tool is not only used as a plagiarism checker, but it is also helpful to identify grammatical checkers. It is mostly useful for high school and college students as they receive step-by-step tutoring on how to improve the writing. The process to evaluate any document is very easy. Interestingly, it uses the same database of Turnitin to find out the unoriginality in the content.

    1. Zotero

    It is a free research tool that not only helps you to collect, organize and analyze research on different topics, but it also allows you to share it in a variety of ways. When you consult an online resource, Zotero automatically interacts with those online resources to extract information and saves it for bibliographic purposes.

    Resources That Teachers Can Use

    1. PlagScan

    It is an online tool that helps the professors to identify unoriginality in the content written by the students. Besides, Plagscan can also be used by the professors to educate and train the students on how they can write quality and original academic assignments.

    1. Plagiarism Checker

    It is one of the most popular websites that provide the service of free plagiarism detection. It provides tailored results separate for teachers and students. By using this website, the teachers can find the sources from which the respective content shares unoriginality.

    1. ReadWriteThink

    This is a premium online academic assistance portal that strives to provide educators and professionals with different resources and lessons. The online tool also provides interactive guides in reading and language arts instruction. Associated with various reputed partners, it works to educate the teachers about various tools that can be used to detect plagiarism.

    Nowadays, plagiarism is considered to be a serious ethical offense which is increasing day by day. These days, almost all the universities in UK, USA, and Australia have started zero-tolerance policies against plagiarism. If any student is found to submit plagiarised assignments, the students are awarded a failed grade. In severe cases, their candidature can get canceled, and at the college and university level, the students may face instances of copyright infringement. But these resources mentioned above are useful in determining plagiarism and thereby reducing it. If you are a student, do not fall into the trap of plagiarism. Instead, use these resources to prepare a completely original and genuine content.

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