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    How To Write Exemplary Personal Statements? Expert’s Guide and Tips

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    How To Write a Personal Statement
     Admin  Published On Aug 6, 2018 | Updated on Jul 28, 2023  General

    It must be somewhat confusing, complicated and tedious to sit down, think of all USPs you’ve got and jot them down in a unique way to be added in your personal statement? And especially if you’re a beginner with scarce knowledge of the technicalities, smart tips and tricks that are required to be implemented while composing a personal statement, then things would only tend to get complicated for you to execute.

    A personal statement is nothing but a brief personal summary included in the Curriculum Vitae. Apart from being an integral part of a well-written CV, the personal statement is equally crucial for students applying for higher courses in universities. Even university applications require a brief personal summary to be attached and included in the document. To be precise, the entire purpose of a personal statement is to highlight and sum up all unique skills, professional proficiencies, technical knowledge and academic achievements and qualification that one may wish to include in CVs and university applications.

    A well-written personal statement makes a huge difference and can help applications stay ahead of all competition with an added pinch of creativity, self-actualization and transparency. Now that you’re wondering how to come up with killer personal statements that can impress your employer or academic supervisors, then here are some of the most effective suggestions and tricks explaining how to master the art of composing exemplary personal statements. Take a look.

    1. Take time; don’t be in haste

    Composing a personal statement perfectly is all about investing enough time in recalling everything you’ve got within you, accolades achieved and skills developed over the past years. Instead of taking enough time to think and jot down all achievements, skills and accolades in well-knit sentences, perfect words and phrases, you cannot expect your personal statement to stand out. So, the idea is to keep calm and carry on! Haste certainly makes waste.

    1. Avoid exceeding the ideal character count

    The ideal character count to be maintained for a personal statement is 4,000. So, it is always better not to exceed the count and brag about yourself more than what’s necessary. So, you would probably need to be both explanative and precise while composing a personal statement. Once you are done recalling and organizing all vital points that you wish to add to the application, simply start writing and keep a track of the character count as you proceed.

    1. Think of a killer opening sentence

    To add a unique opening sentence with catchy undertones, and including perfect words and phrases to the introductory note are aspects to be considered if you are here to figure out how to write an impressive personal statement. An opening sentence should not only be impactful and engaging, but interesting and unique as well. Remember, a unique and catchy personal statement can create a good impression on your supervisors, thus, helping your application stay one-step ahead with unique selling points accurately highlighted.

    1. Insert your own ideas and make it look genuine

    The application’s called “Personal Statement”, for a reason. The document should be a reflection of your own voice, ideas and achievements. After going through your personal statement, one shouldn’t be of the opinion that the ideas and perspectives expressed in the paper aren’t genuine and too generic in nature. Being generic and refraining from adding that extra spark to your application might not work well in the long run. Moreover, it is to be understood that a personal statement is all about yourself. It’s your story; so stay original. That’s how you keep things unique.

    1. Explain why you want to pursue the course or bag the job

    When it comes to drafting personal statements, you got to explain “why”. Why do you want to pursue a particular course or do a particular job? What has intrigued you towards the academic course or the job you wish to get hired for? These are a few questions that are needed to be answered and explained in a personal statement. Unless you are being upfront, transparent and concise in whatever you wish to talk about, composing a perfect personal statement and being recognized among the supervisors might be difficult.

    1. Talk about things relevant to your career, course and job

    “Relevance” is the keyword here. You need to talk about things that are relevant to your career, job and academic aspirations. You can’t afford to exaggerate things unnecessarily and go off track. Remember, personal achievements and experiences associated with your job history, academic life and career aspirations are to be discussed specifically when it comes to drafting a personal statement. No one’s really interested to know who’s your favorite superhero and why, unless it‘s contributing to any of your career objective, decision and goals.

    1. Talk about all long-term goals and how you plan to achieve them

    Personal statement is also about a summed up version of your long-term goals and how you plan to achieve each one of them. Moreover, talking about long-term goals and discussing what paths you have chosen and what agendas drafted can make your reviewers develop an impression that the candidate is a critical thinker with the potential to transform ideas and aspirations into reality. For instance, things won’t work if you merely mention that you want to get hired for the job or you want to become a teacher. Talk about the goals you want to achieve what values you want to gain from the university or from the corporate organization.

    1. Refrain from talking about certain subject matters

    When it comes to writing a personal statement, there are few subjects one must better avoid talking about. For instance, subjects associated with religious sentiments, personal incidents and experiences as a high school student, instances that are too embarrassing, and incidents and issues that are politically inclined and the likes. It is always better and safer if you choose to stick to the point and write compose a personal statement that revolves around personal experiences worth talking about, and are potentially safe as well.

    1. Talk about leadership skills and communicative potentials

    This is yet another vital aspect to be considered if you wish to know how to write a perfect personal statement. Communication is one major aspect every supervisor wants to explore and review. Mention whether you are good at speaking English or in case you have a strong grip of knowledge on foreign languages and the likes. In addition to it, if you have leadership skills and qualities worth mentioning, then never miss a chance to highlight the same.

    1. Read your statement out loud and proofread for errors

    Now that you’re all set and done, it’s time to read the statement aloud and proofread in order to figure out all technical errors and rectify the same. You may consider hiring professional experts to proofread and edit personal statements on your behalf. However, you also need to be quite careful in the matter of roping in the right person for the job.

    So, simply try and implement the aforementioned technicalities and steps discussed while composing a personal statement, and never miss a chance to impress your supervisors with brilliantly crafted applications end of the day.

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