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    Types of Research Papers : Research Paper Writing Guide

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    Types of Research Papers : Research Paper Writing Guide
     Admin  Published On Feb 20, 2019 | Updated on Aug 11, 2023  Research Paper

    Research Paper

    The task of writing a research paper can be considered an indispensable part of a student’s curriculum, especially if you are pursuing higher studies. Most doctorate students aiming for a Ph.D. have to write a detailed research paper. It is based on the research paper that you might be granted a scholarship or a doctorate. Therefore, this makes it all the more critical that you know all the tricks that are required to write an outstanding research paper.

    When it comes to writing, even the best researchers cannot seem to cope with scrip to phobia. Being an amateur, it is quite understandable that you will face difficulties while writing a paper. And not just that! Considering how tedious the task can get, there will be times when you are bound to lose patience.

    A guide to writing a research paper

    Do you often wonder why research papers are so important?  Research papers are more than just your ticket to getting the doctor title added to your name. A stellar paper can help you gain insight into what is going on in a particular field of research. It also gives you an opportunity to explore a problem and come up with solutions for it.

    If you have been given the task of writing a research paper, you must keep in mind that there are several types of papers and that each of them has a different format. Most of the times, the types of research papers that you will have to comply with are mentioned in the list of guidelines.  While the kind of research paper is usually stated in the paper requirement information provided by your tutor, there will be times when the type will not be directly stated but inferred. In such cases, you must be able to interpret the kind of paper based on the requirements.

    If you are still confused about the types of papers, then Myesayhelp is a ready guide to help you recognize the kind of research paper that you have been asked to submit.

    Types of Research papers and tips to overcome the hurdles

    Argumentative papers

    For argumentative papers, you are required to present both the sides of a controversial issue along with valid evidence. It must include in-text citations of logical facts from the works of other researchers on both sides of the issue. Based on your analysis of these facts, you are required to conclude what you feel about the issue is such a way that it is bound to convince the reader.
    Most students make the mistake of confusing a persuasive research paper with an essay. But you must remember that unlike an essay, you must not take one side of the issue and justify it. A research paper is more of a discursive essay with an analysis of your own. So, keep your paper factual and make sure that you include both sides of the argument.

    If you need to write on a topic like "The importance of both the parents in a child's life" – you are not supposed to take a side (say, positive) and explain how you think the issue in question is true.

    You need to show instances that justify both sides of the problem and consider them as equally important.

    Analytical papers
    Analytical papers generally include information from several sources, but in this type of research paper, you have to analyze different viewpoints based on authentic facts and opinions.
    The focus should be on the methodology, findings, and conclusions of other researchers. The paper should be a summary of these findings, and it should include a suggested framework to study the issue further. 

    Definition papers

    While writing definition papers, you need to define a topic from a factual standpoint. Make sure that you are unbiased and do not put forward your opinion on the matter. You can include facts from a variety of sources, like someone else’s research paper findings. If you enjoy giving your perspective, then you might want to keep a check on it. Your paper should be just about the features, uses, advantages, impact, and solutions without a standpoint. It is almost like an analysis paper but devoid the analysis in the end.

    Compare and contrast papers

    Mostly literature students have to write a compare and contrast paper to bring out the difference in the works of two authors. You might have to research on two literary phases or genres and study how each has evolved and died out. If you are pursuing philosophy, then you might have to compare the thoughts of two philosophical frameworks. While in business studies, you may have to compare and contrast different types of management structures or leadership styles. For a compare and contrast paper, the central element to bring out the difference between the two subjects is done with the help of supporting examples.

    Cause and effect papers

    This type of research paper introduces the readers to a situation and then discusses the possible consequences. The paper must study the case and chart out the probable results in a logical progression. Generally used in business studies and medical fields, a good cause and effect paper must outline the predicted results from the specified situation so that its prospective users know whether applying it will be a wise decision or not. The cause and effect papers can also come as problem-solution research papers where you are supposed to study a problem and provide possible remedies to counter it.

    Survey and Reports

    For survey papers, you need to conduct a study on a certain number of subjects with the given demographics and then analyze the results. Based on the results, you are to draw conclusions to prove a point. For the survey, make sure that you have the same parameters for all the subjects on whom you are going to survey so that the results are uniform from all aspects. Based on the interaction, you must submit a paper explaining your viewpoint. Students who are pursuing subjects like human behavior, health, sociology, and marketing conduct surveys.

    Reports are quite similar to surveys. Instead of taking a poll, it is more about the inspection of a particular object or event. Based on the findings, you have to write a paper that informs the readers about the main facts of the topic. For reports, you can study the existing research papers on the same topic and gather more information.

    Interpretive papers

    If you are pursuing humanities, especially those related to literature, then the chances are high that you will be asked to write an interpretive paper. You might be asked to put the theoretical knowledge that you have gained through the course to use to study a case study sample. You may have to review a piece of literature or the business reports of a company and interpret the content according to your perspective. You must establish the theoretical framework to back up the findings of the paper.

    Since every type of research paper has a different format, the task of putting together a research paper according to the requirements can be quite a daunting task. Moreover, understanding the right approach of writing the paper can prove to be another hurdle that can bring your scores down.

    Here are a few tips to overcome the difficulties and submit the perfect research paper:

    Use mind mapping

    Mind mapping is important. So, start by creating an outline of the paper, using the research objectives that you want to achieve. Collect all the material and organize them in the right order.

    Keep it precise

    Remember one thing - quality triumphs over quantity. Your motto should be “less is more.” Make the sentences shorter. It will make your argument more impactful when you put across your point.

    Understand your audience

    Based on the audience, write the paper accordingly so that it appeals to them. Decide the angle through which you want to pitch the main idea.

    Be Logical

    Make sure that the opinion you build is logical and backed by enough evidence. Present the details in a logical order so that the reader can understand your argument.

    Image 3: Logical flow of a research

    Make it an enjoyable read

    Present your paper in a polished and artistic manner so that it reflects your passion for the research. Use a writing tone that is simple to understand and is equally interesting.

    Edit properly

    Research papers are elaborate, and therefore they are bound to have many mistakes. Make sure that you revise your copy many times. While reviewing, check the significance of the work, the correctness of the data and the logic of the conclusions.

    Use online help

    Writing a research paper can be quite an insurmountable task. So, stop being too hard on yourself and take advice from the online essay writer. You can go through online samples of various kinds of research papers to get the garb of the fundamental differences between these papers.

    Go through the research papers approved by your committee to get an idea on how you can structure your research papers to showcase the information you have gathered. In the end, aim for one thing– completeness in all aspects. Presenting valid and relevant details and keep the writing articulate too. Pay attention to the content as well as the presentation. With the list of tips, you can sure produce a research paper that is flawless enough to fetch you the coveted degree.

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