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    60+ Sports Research Paper Topics Ideas for Students

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    Sports Research Paper Topics
     Admin  Published On Sep 27, 2019 | Updated on Aug 11, 2023  Research Paper

    It’s a fact that academic writing becomes a lot easier if the author is genuinely interested in the topic. This is why most experts recommend choosing a topic that the student is fond of. Sport happens to be one of the areas that a majority of young students is interested in. In a country like the USA, it's even more prevalent. If you are also a sports enthusiast, you can seriously consider a sports topic for your next research paper.

    However, that's easier said than done. You may choose a topic of your choice, but it also needs to comply with some other factors. For starters, it needs to be relevant to your curriculum. Otherwise, it is not going to add any value to your career. If that condition checks out, you also need to get the topic approved by your instructor. Furthermore, you also need to check that there's enough research material available on the topic.

    How to choose a research paper topic on sports?

    Basically, you cannot just choose any random topic for your research paper. It needs to fulfil these aforementioned requirements at all cost. It may seem a bit challenging in the beginning. However, you can still choose the perfect topic for your sports research paper, if you practice these following tricks:

    • Brainstorm for ideas:

    Brainstorming is one of the most effective ways to generate topic ideas. Generally, it requires a group of people to conduct a brainstorming session. However, you can do it alone as well. Just ensure there are no distractions when you are involved in the brainstorming process. Once you are in a distraction-free environment, use these following steps to perform brainstorming:


    Figure 1: Major areas of a brainstorming process

    Once you have written down enough ideas for your sports research paper, you can analyse them and narrow the list down. Also, it is recommended to acknowledge all the limitations while considering the topic ideas. These measures can help you find the right set of topics for your paper.

    • Keep an eye on the sports news:

    There’s something new and interesting happening every day in the domain of sports. And you need to be aware of all those things if you want to prepare a research paper on sports. It may not be possible for you to follow all the games every day. However, you can read the news and keep yourself updated about the world of sports. This can also help you find enough idea for the research paper topic.


    Since everything is now available on the internet, you don't need to wait for the next day's newspaper to learn about the latest sports news. All major news providers, including BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Mirror – have their own websites where you can find all the latest information. If you cannot think of better topic ideas, going through the stories can help you find one.

    • Try free writing:

    Free writing is another helpful trick that can help you get going with your research paper. If you have the basic idea for your research paper, but don’t know which angle to explore, free writing may help you find your way. It is really simple and also quite effective. When you write freely on the basic idea without any inhibition, it can help you overcome the writer’s block.


     In a lot of cases, this practice also helps you find a clear and specific topic for your research paper. For instance, if you have chosen to work with the area of 21st-century cricket, you can start writing freely on the topic. While writing on that broad topic, you may find a lot of good ideas to explore in a research paper.

    Talking about cricket in the 21st century, areas like “the changes in powerplay system” or “the Duckworth-Lewis method” are more clear and specific options to consider.

    Impressive topic ideas for a research paper on sports

    If you are still having trouble to find the right topic idea for your sports research paper, this following list of sports topics can serve you as inspiration.

    1. Tennis players are more courteous than cricketers. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call tennis the “Gentlemen’s game”?
    2. Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian of all time. Validate your opinion with arguments.
    3. Why hasn't cricket been included in the Olympics yet?
    4. Analyse the advantages a host country enjoys in a big sporting event like FIFA world cup.
    5. Why has Liverpool not been able to win any league title since 1990?
    6. Sachin Tendulkar is the finest batsman ever to play the game of cricket – establish your argument with concrete evidence.
    7. European football vs Latin American football – analyse major differences between these two styles of football.
    8. Was ICC’s decision to suspend Steve Smith and David Warner for ball-tampering justified? – share your opinion with proper data and evidence.
    9. Why has India not been able to find its way back to the top in the world of hockey?
    10. Comparative analysis of Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics and Paralympics.
    11. Are the latest regulations in cricket bit too unfair for the bowlers?
    12. Has the goal-line technology made any difference in the game since its implementation?
    13. Should cricketers be allowed to talk to the commentators while fielding?
    14. What steps can FIFA take to promote women's football in the Middle East?
    15. Why women's sports are less covered in the media? Examine the reasons.
    16. The wrestling shown in WWE is more about showbiz than sports. – Establish your argument with data.
    17. Connor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather – the best match in the century? Explain your position in this argument with evidence.
    18. What are the economic benefits of hosting the Olympics?
    19. Has the popularity of club football corrupted the footballers?
    20. Animal sports should be banned. Support your arguments with evidence.
    21. Why a majority of the great sportsmen fail as a coach?
    22. Examine the cases of doping in the Olympics over the last 20 years.
    23. Sport can be a great stress reliever – defend your argument with data.
    24. Do the concussion rules in the NFL spoil the game for the players?
    25. Should the jerseys of the national players have ads on them? – Explain your stand and defend it with a concrete argument.
    26. Is there any health risk of severe training in football? Discuss with solid evidence.
    27. Do athletes live shorter lives than ordinary people? – Discuss and analyse.
    28. What England and Spain have done with club football, India has done it with T20 cricket. – Elucidate.
    29. Which sport is more effective for the kids’ physical growth and health?
    30. The relative age effect in junior football league – explain the effects on young footballers.
    31. What impact can sports have on the behaviours of children?
    32. Does idolising sports personality help a child's development?
    33. What are the implications of using steroids and drugs in sports?
    34. Is it necessary for an athlete to have a sports manager?
    35. Do students in the college football team receive a quality education?
    36. Natural grass vs artificial turf – Compare and analyse the differences.
    37. Explain the importance of having sports academies in the country.
    38. Golf is a sport for the upper class of society. Is it true? – Establish your argument with evidence.
    39. Should there be more sports event like Paralympics? Explore the reasons.
    40. Is there a gender bias in sports? Discuss it with proper evidence.
    41. Sports fixing – how has it corrupted cricket over the years?
    42. Every player across all sports should receive a pension – justify your claim with proper arguments.
    43. Alcohol and tobacco advertisements during the broadcast of a sporting event do more harm than good – discuss.
    44. Swimmers and runners have better chances of winning more Olympic medals than any other players from different sports – elucidate.
    45. Should kick-boxing and wrestling be removed from the Olympics for promoting violence through sports?
    46. Is it possible to break Brian Lara’s record of 400* score in the international test cricket?
    47. Why has England not been able to win any FIFA world cup since 1966?
    48. Rugby vs American Football – compare and analyse the differences.
    49. A significant number of members in the men's national cricket team of England are not native Englishmen. Does it signify that England lacks raw talent? – discuss.
    50. Making the first move in chess does not always help you win – is it true? Elucidate.
    51. More than 200 countries take part in the Olympics, but more than 60 per cent of the golds are won by the USA, Great Britain, China and Russia – why?
    52. Can the media help improve the popularity of all-women sports in the coming years? How do you propose that?
    53. Does F1 racing be banned for encouraging overspeeding?
    54. Does being the favourite in a game works against the individual/team? – elucidate.
    55. Is football a spectator sport? – Is it true?
    56. Weightlifting can be dangerous for both men and women. Should it be banned from the Olympics?
    57. Badminton is the best sport for your health – elucidate with data.
    58. Is it justified to suspend or penalise a player for his deeds outside the field? – Establish your argument with data.
    59. Is it necessary to have a dress code for certain games? – discuss.
    60. Why has chess not been included in the Olympics yet?
    61. Why rowing and other team sports have not been able to become as popular as football?
    62. Women are better gymnasts than men – is there any physiological reason behind it? Explore.
    63. Why has baseball failed to gain popularity outside the United States?

    Hopefully, now you have understood what type of sports research topic you should look for. So, go on and pick an impressive research paper for yourself. The research may not be easy, but the selection of the right topic wins half the battle for you. However, if you find it difficult to solve the research paper, help is just a few clicks away.

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