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    How To Write a Research Paper Outline? - Step by Step Guide

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    How To Write a Research Paper Outline? - Step by Step Guide
     Admin  Published On Apr 17, 2021 | Updated on May 1, 2023  Research Paper

    If you're a university student, you must have come across phrases like research paper outline, causal hypothesis, construct validity, and so forth. In your academic years, you are bound to write at least one research paper before you graduate. It's like a rite of passage, where you get to show your professors the full capacity of your research and analytical skills.

    But what exactly is a research paper? How is it different from any other essay?

    A research paper is a more detailed version of an essay to express your arguments and interpretations regarding the subject. It is a research-oriented paper focusing on how well you can express your thoughts and prove the discussion point using valid pieces of evidence.

    How should you start your research paper?

    Students who have never written a research paper before cannot help but wonder where they should even begin. The task seems daunting, and you'll find yourself grasping at straws trying to figure out where to begin. Starting from the research paper outline is a good idea, mainly because:


    • Provides you a proper structure
    • Gives you an idea of how to frame your paper
    • Helps you organise your thoughts
    • Makes it easier to understand the flow of information
    • Improves connectivity among the central ideas
    • Ensures that you won't forget anything

    The research paper outline is the building block for your entire paper. A good strategy will make your writing process much more straightforward and effective.

    What Are The Basic Steps To A Good Research Paper Outline?

    Every student's research paper outline varies according to them, each having its unique touch. For some, it merely consists of small notes; for others, it is a detailed outline including every single point that they wish to include. There are some basic steps that you can follow if you want to create a good structure.

    1. Start with the introduction

    Coming up with a rough introduction should be the first step in your research paper outline. In the introduction, you need to set the context of your paper so that the professor can understand what your argument in the paper will be. This part of the outline needs to be very brief. Jot down some keywords that you would like to use to lead to the thesis statement.

    1. Move on to the thesis statement

    In your research paper outline, the thesis statement should come right after the introduction. You need to highlight and state clearly the purpose of your research paper. This will help prepare the reader and give them an idea of what they can expect from your writing.

    1. Prepare the overvie

    Following the thesis statement, you need to move on to the background for your research paper outline. Here, you have to provide a more detailed version of the introduction, highlighting the essential and relevant information of your topic. This section's primary purpose is to highlight the relevance of your research by showing its significant contribution to that area.

    1. Go over the main and supporting ideas

    The most crucial section in your research paper outline comes after the overview. Here, you need to arrange your points based on their relevancy. Ask yourself this – which of the issues does your reader need to know first? When you have your answer, highlight the most relevant point first, and follow it up with supporting statements and references. The more supporting arguments you can provide, the more persuasive your research paper will be. Therefore, it is essential to arrange the main points to advance the purpose of your paper smoothly.

    1. End with the conclusion

    The final segment in your research paper outline should be the conclusion. The purpose of this section is to restate the arguments that you present throughout the paper and connect it to a broader perspective. The ending paragraph needs to tie everything together neatly without leaving any loose threads. Mostly students think “who can write my paper?”

    Following this basic structure of a research paper outline will help you end up with a very high-quality paper. You can avoid scrambling to figure out what points you should include and how you can frame your work to get the best results just by creating an outline.

    Commonly Asked Question Regarding Research Paper Outline

    1. Does the outline have to be detailed?

    No, your research paper outline is not the final paper draft. You can make it as vague or as detailed as you want, depending on your preference. The outline is there to provide you with a proper structure that you can rely on at any time.

    2. What are the significant sections of an outline?

    The major sections of a research paper outline are the introduction, thesis/purpose statement, main body, and conclusion.

    3. How should I approach writing a research paper outline?

    Your first step should be to stay as organised as you can. Think logically and try to make your arguments flow naturally, and highlight the purpose of your paper.

    Can't Understand How You Should Start Your Research Paper Outline?

    Worry not; our experts will help you out

    Are you struggling to write a good research paper outline? There's nothing to be anxious about anymore. It can be pretty challenging to come up with the proper framework. In times like this, you can always depend upon our team of professional academic writers who have years of experience writing research papers. There's no doubt that you'll end up with a very high-quality research paper with their guidance.

    Our list of services include:

    • Helping you choose the right research paper topic
    • Guiding you through the different stages of building a paper
    • Assisting you with in-depth research
    • Cross-checking and proofreading your work
    • Offering multiple revisions until complete satisfaction

    So, don't fret any longer. All you have to do is send in the details of your research paper through our website, and we'll take care of everything- from writing your research paper outline to proofreading every single line, ensuring there is not a single mistake in your work.

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