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    How to Write an Essay with Ease

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     Admin  Published On Jul 19, 2018 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  Essay

    Writing an essay is both simple and complicated at the same time. It all depends on how smartly you choose to analyze a particular subject matter and jot down every vital detail to be added to the paper eventually. In addition to it, writing an essay with ease requires students to keep other things in mind as well. It is only after a constructively drafted strategy and proper execution of the same, you can expect an essay written with perfection. However, in case you are struggling to cope with essay writing challenges, then here is your chance to overcome all odds and compose an essay in 10 simple steps. Here you go!

    1. Choose a topic you have an idea about

    Picking a random topic or something that looks out of the box might not work well for you. You might find the subject matter intricate as you proceed further.

    On the other hand, if you take some time to rethink and figure out the topics you have an idea about, then the entire process of essay writing will be easier for you in the long run.

    1. Create an outline and conceptualize the idea further

    Now that you are done picking an ideal topic and choosing a subject matter to work on, it’s time for you to create an outline and conceptualize the idea further.

     If you could manage to structure the essay properly right at the very beginning, then a properly structured essay will help you to write down the essay constructively, with no technical hassle in between.

    1. Take note of all research elements and findings appropriately

    In order to write essays easily, you would require accumulating relevant research elements, well-analyzed findings, and other academic resources. So, you should always consider taking note of each and every finding, research components, quotations, case study instances and the likes.

    This, as a result, will help you to refer to the findings, use quotations and other relevant evidence easily without suffering the hassle of last-minute note misplacements and such similar dilemmas.

    1. Decide what to add in the thesis statement before initiating the task

    If you invest a few minutes in deciding what to add to the thesis statement before commencing the task, this will actually help you come up with something constructive. It is also to be remembered that a thesis statement is supposed to be unique and catchy, and should also serve the purpose of highlighting the main idea behind drafting the essay concisely. Coming up with a clear and concise thesis statement will also help you to carry on with the essay in a rather explanatory way, keeping no confusions or intricacies in between.

    1. Conduct a self-brainstorming session before you start drafting the essay introduction

    Before you begin writing down introductory part, it is important for you to conduct a brainstorming session with your own self. Sit for a while, and figure out whether you have missed out on any vital aspect related to the subject matter. Most importantly, there are few questions you should always ask yourself before initiating the primary task of adding stellar introductions. See if you already have an answer to these following series of questions:

    • Who your target audiences are?
    • What theme or idea does the essay topic convey?
    • What all crucial aspects you’ve decided to talk about in the essay?
    • Is your essay analytical in nature or narrative?
    • Are all references accumulated and sources marked genuine and reliable?

    Once you have proper answers to these questions, writing the essay would automatically become easier for you to continue with.

    1. You even consider taking short breaks in between to deal with writer’s block

    If in case the essay is descriptive in nature and you are required to come up with a lengthier content, then refrain from completing the essay in a hurry. This could ruin the content quality and could even give rise to dilemmas like writer’s block.

    If you ever feel that there are contradictions or in case you’re running out of enough word and concrete thoughts to highlight and explain in your essay, then the easiest way to deal with the issue is to take a short break. Simply move out of your study, read a good novel, or watch a good movie, exercise your mind in a different way and resume work. This would help you to break the monotony and come up with a fresh perspective in the long run.

    1. Revisit your purpose and figure out the intention behind drafting the essay

    This is one exercise to be considered important especially before adding contents to the body section of your essay. Once you are done with the thesis statement and an impressive introduction to your essay topic, it’s time to come up with an equally impressive and insightful essay body.

     Remember, this is the most vital part of your essay where the primary theme, evidence, debates, case study instances and references are to be highlighted and explained logically. This is the reason why you should consider revisiting the purpose of writing the essay once. It would help you to recall all the crucial aspects and come up with something new and more persuading to add and talk about.

    1. Decide to add a conclusion based on the conflicts and solutions your essay suggests

    Remember, your essay conclusion should solve the purpose of putting up something impressive, thought-provoking and persuasive, thus highlighting the main aspects of conflict and a solution for the same.

    Thus, it would always be easier for you to jot down all contradictions, revisit the introduction and the thesis statement and show how you’ve successfully established strong statements with supportive elements in your essay body, for or against the particular notion.

    Also, remember that conclusion isn’t really a nice place to introduce a new perspective or start with something new. While wrapping up, always keep things short, sweet and clear. Don’t forget to leave enough scope for your audience to think over the aspects and perspectives highlighted.

    Writing a perfect essay is no rocket science. It only requires you to follow the simple steps mentioned above, put your shoes on and add content to the paper with proper acknowledgment of sources and evidence used. Good luck!

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