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    How To Write a Good Dissertation Conclusion ?

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    Write a Good Dissertation Conclusion
     Admin  Published On Feb 5, 2023 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  Dissertation

    6 Straightforward Tips to Write an Engaging Dissertation Conclusion

    So, you have finally wrapped up your discussion and results and are on to the conclusion chapter. But suddenly, you feel stuck. Why? You have no idea what to include in your conclusion or even how to write it. Writing an impressive dissertation conclusion can be daunting and time-consuming. And not all students can devote such time to craft a high-quality conclusion chapter by including relevant details. But, regardless of the challenges, every student must know and understand how to write a dissertation conclusion.

    A dissertation paper is a research project that a student needs to complete as a part of their degree courses. It allows the students an opportunity to display their ideas and thoughts, investigate a topic in-depth and consolidate previous knowledge about the concept. Therefore, the conclusion chapter needs to be appealing and concise. In addition, it should give the readers an idea of what the paper was all about, emphasising recommendations and outcomes. However, this is not as simple as it sounds because most students find themselves walking down an aisle of confusion between the main aim and objectives.

    This is when they look for dissertation help services to gain an insight into how a splendid conclusion is structured. They also get complete details on managing the conclusion chapter and what information should be included or avoided. If you are wondering how to write a dissertation conclusion, here are 6 tips to help you boost your grades.

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    Determine the Length of the Conclusion

    The length of your conclusion depends on the type of dissertation you are writing. Ideally, it should be around 5-7% of the total word count of your dissertation paper. For example, an empirical study will have a short conclusion that concisely states all the recommendations and findings. Whereas a humanities dissertation might be a little more elaborate, and you will need to conclude the analysis and tie all the loose ends together to justify the overall argument. Here is how you can keep the length of your dissertation in check:

    • Write a brief summary, usually a few paragraphs of your findings and whatever seems essential.
    • Mention why your research is essential for practitioners and researchers.
    • Don't ramble about unnecessary information and be concise, and round it off with your thesis.

    Answer Your Research Question

    Just like any other chapter of your dissertation, the conclusion chapter should also start with an introduction. Next, you need to present the main idea that your paper aimed at addressing. Here you should address the expectations of your readers and should give a taste of all of your primary objectives in short. Finally, formulate a clear and concise answer since this is your final chance to show what you have accomplished through your research and how it can help in the long run. Here is how you can craft a convincing research question answer:

    • Do not repeat all the details that you have already discussed.
    • Synthesise all your information into a final takeaway that will be easier for you to remember.
    • Do not directly restate your conclusion but try to analyse the relationship between the findings.

    Reflect and Summarise Your Research

    Your conclusion provides you with an opportunity to remind the reader why you took this approach. Moreover, you should allow them to understand what you expected to find and how your expectations matched your results. It should provide a general overview of your steps while conducting the research and the methodologies you adopted to build your argument. Also, consider how your methodology is effective in answering your research question and how it raised unexpected insights. Here is how you can write a reflective summary:

    • Discuss the overall findings of the research and how they are relatable to the aims and research questions.
    • Focus on the broader findings and allow your readers to comprehend the research aims.
    • Contextualise your findings well and inherently remind your readers of any significant limitations that your research might have.

    Write Recommendations

    You already have a separate section dedicated to recommendations. However, the conclusion provides you with enough scope to elaborate on those. Here you can consider the implications of your findings in theory and practice. Talk about what you achieved in your study and highlight why it is valuable and essential. Moreover, also clearly state how your findings can be used and applied for future research. Keep everything balanced and firmly assert your contributions with confidence.  Here is how you can craft this section perfectly:

    • Mention your research outputs as a result of your extensive study, like going through publications like journals, articles, etc.
    • Allow your readers to understand how your study solves the research problem and why your study matters.
    • Discuss relevant theories and how these findings can be applied to real-world problems.

    Emphasise On Your Contributions

    Now that your conclusion is almost ready, it is time for you to leave a strong impression on your readers. Emphasise your contributions and avoid simply repeating what you have already stated in your paper. Instead, pinpoint the essential points and then sum it up by adding a succinct overview that will explain your study in a reader context. You also need to reflect on the limitations at this stage critically. Determine the potential shortcomings and discuss them to add credibility to your research. If you are struggling to highlight the value despite your limitations, here are some strategies that you can include:

    • Return to your problem statement and explain how your research solves the main problem.
    • Refer back to the literature review and show how you have managed to bridge the knowledge gap between previous researches.
    • Discuss how your findings confirm or challenge an existing theory or assumption.
    1. Edit and Proofread

    Now that you have completed writing the entire dissertation and the conclusion, it is time to perfect it. Wrap up the dissertation with the final steps of editing and proofreading. Here, you should check if you have mentioned all the points and covered the guidelines as directed by your professor. If you have any issues with understanding any part of your conclusion, you can check out dissertation conclusion examples on the internet to get an idea. While you are editing and proofreading, here are certain things that you should keep in mind:

    • Look for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or typos issues.
    • Check if you have adhered to the word count and followed the instructions.
    • Cross-check the formatting instructions to ensure you have followed the accurate referencing and citation style.

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