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    How to Write an Editorial in 5 Simple Steps?

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    How To Write an Editorial
     Admin  Published On Jan 20, 2021 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  General

    Editorial is a short essay which involves an individual’s opinion on a current issue or event. This is regarded as a unique style of communication between the authors and the readers. The purpose of an editorial is to inspire the readers and persuade the reader to consider your viewpoint.  You will mostly have to deal with controversial issues while writing an editorial. Although they are attractive in nature, the whole newspaper will be questioned if any mistake is made.

    Editorial articles can be used very effectively to raise awareness of an issue and influence other people’s opinions on any topic. If you want your voice to be heard by a wider audience, you must understand how to write an excellent editorial. If you are new this, you might struggle with getting started with editorial. You will require help from a professional who can assist you in writing a good editorial. is the most suitable website for you to get experts who are actually working as editors in eminent newspapers and magazines.  Their specialised knowledge in the field will help in a practical understanding of how to write an exceptional editorial. Now that we have covered the basics of what editorial actually is. Let’s move on to the different parts of editorial, how to write one, and some tips from professional editors.

    Basic Types of Editorials You must Remember

    Before you start wondering how to write an editorial, it is necessary that you consider choosing the right type of editorials for you. The type of editorial you are choosing depends on the goal of your editorial articles. Below, we have mentioned the types of editorials which you will need to recognise.

    • Critical

    This particular format will observe various causes of a problem to suggest a solution for it.  This usually used when you have to critique a policy relating to the issue to advocate specific change.

    • Interpretive

    This editorial format offers detailed background information on the event or issue. This type of editorial focuses on raising awareness and discusses the relevancy of the topic to the readers.

    • Praising

    The praising format focuses on the appreciation for an organisation or a person.  In this format, opinion is made on their involvement in an issue.

    • Persuasive

    The persuasive format directly appeals to the readers and encourages them to take action. The goal of this format is t influence the reader’s ability to change a situation by following your advice.

    You will be able to use the specific tone and the direction of your argument after understanding the goal of the editorial.  You will confidently be able to influence the readers after choosing the appropriate category of the editorial. If you have any confusion regarding different variations in editorials, you can seek guidance from our experts who are always available to guide you.

    Major Important Parts of Editorials

    If you are wondering what different components you need to add to write your editorial essay, this section will help you. Structuring is important if you want to get across your viewpoints successfully..

    Here are the following elements you need to include in an editorial:

    • Introduction

    Give a general overview of the issue in the introductory paragraph. Your goal should be to captivate reader’s interest in your essay.

    • Argument

    This part will include opinions and valid reasons why you think the audience should agree with you.

    • Evidence

    Simply reasons will not be enough to persuade the readers into your opinions. Thus, you will require to present hard based facts, anecdotes, quotes, statistics, etc., which will positively support your arguments.

    • Counterargument

    You need to establish credibility by perfectly presenting a fair review of the perspectives involved.

    • Refutation

    After you are done sharing the counterargument with a reader, you will have to explain why the arguments are not relevant or accurate. Refuting the counterargument will help you promote your point of view, and you will also seem fair.

    • Conclusion

    The last paragraph will include an overall summarisation of your point of view. The purpose will be to remind the reader about why they should actually focus or care about the issue you are discussing.

    These are the components you must include in your editorial essay. The components will give a standard structure and give a professional outlook to your editorial essay. You can visit our website to check out a few samples completed by experts. You can explore these samples whenever you require visual understanding at free of cost.

    How to Write an Excellent Editorial?

    Now that you know the type of editorial and the major components you need for your editorial, you are all set to start your writing process. It is essential that you follow the prompt during the planning process of your editorial. The editorial task given as an assignment from teacher/professors tends to be different from the opinion piece published in magazine or newspaper.

    Make sure you follow the steps as instructed below:

    1. Decide your topic

    Make sure you choose a  debatable topic, recently discussed or contradictive. The topic should be relevant and must be up-to-date to the frequently discussed issues.

    1. Share your opinion

    You need to clarify what you are supporting by highlighting your position to the issue along with powerful evidence. If you are dealing with a controversial subject, you must describe both sides of the story.

    1. Create an outline

    Create an outline to ensure all your ideas are organised. You will require organising your body paragraphs based on the format suggested in your prompt.

    1. Start writing

    Getting started is often the most challenging part, so start writing down as many ideas as you can. You can go back and edit later.  If you are struggling with getting started, you can always ask for professional assistance from

    1. Proofread

    Before submitting your piece, make sure you proofread your work thoroughly to check the tone, flow of ideas, grammar, and structure of the essay.

    A good editorial will require dedication and methodical learning. If you want to impress the wide variety of audiences, you must follow the steps as mentioned above. If you are still finding it difficult to write by yourself, find out in the next section, how can assist you.


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