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    Hyperbole: Meaning, How to use it, & Examples

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    Hyperbole Examples
     Admin  Published On Oct 11, 2021 | Updated on May 1, 2023  General

    What is hyperbole?

    Hyperbole is the exaggerated form of words of expression. It is mainly used in narratives or storytelling to elaborate the depth of the statements. But many hyperbole statements are a part of our everyday life.

    Hyperbole comes from the Greek word "excess". The excess use of the literary device is known as hyperbole. For example

      His brain is the size of a pea.

    No one's brain is as small as the size of a pea. But the expression her means that he is dull or not smart witted. These are everyday expressions used to emphasize more the meaning. Get English homework help.

     Few hyperbole examples are used in everyday life

    Let’s look at some of the hyperbole examples which we use in our daily life.

    • I have a ton of homework
    • I am so hungry I can eat the whole world
    • I died of shame
    • Its raining cats and dogs
    • She is as skinny as a toothpick
    • If I can’t get a Macbook, I will die
    • I have not seen Carla in ages
    • She is faster than the wind
    • Her skin is as smooth as butter
    • I have a ton of work to do
    • I can knock him over with a feather
    • I ran miles today
    • Her nom has told her a million times to change her habits
    • He is slower than a snail
    • Her grandfather is as old a stone age
    • I slept lie a horse last night
    • She loves her to the moon and back
    • Her room is like an Australian jungle
    • I could smell eh food from miles way
    • She is probably on cloud nine right now
    • I was so embarrassed the whole world was watching me
    • I have listened to that song a thousand times
    • I would move the mountains for you.
    • I would swim through the oceans to meet you right now
    • If i believe him, then I also think that horses can fly.
    • She is buried under tons of work.
    • I look as ugly as a bear
    • This city never falls asleep
    • I have survived 1000 storms. This is nothing
    • Her smile lights up the whole world
    • Her bike is 100 years old
    • The package weighs a ton
    • I am dying of laughter
    • She is faster than the wind
    • My life cannot be better than this right now
    • Feels like summer break will never come
    • I will meet you where oceans and seas meet together\
    • His head is empty
    • This wine gives me wings

    These are some of the commonly used everyday hyperboles. Most of them are easy to understand as they are used as figurative speech.

    What is hyperbole in literature?

    Hyperbole in literature is used to display the narrative's emotions, impact, and feelings of other characters involved. It is widely used in heroic, romance and drama novels.

    The impact of the hyperbole should be such that it creates a dramatic effect which was the intention of the writer in the first place. For example:-

     I had to wait in the station for ten days which felt like an eternity

    • Form Josef Conrad’s heart of darkness.

    Authors can use hyperbole in literature to create an image that is clear in the readers' minds to understand the overall narrative of the plot. Sometimes the writing can seem to be too wild. Hence, adding hyperbole can help display the writer's intentions in a good or bad way, making it more engaging.

    Why do authors use hyperbole?

    Hyperbole is used in literature, dramas and even in everyday speech. The primary intent of using it is to create a dramatic impression which sure could not happen literally but gives a natural feeling as it has happened.

    For example:- the food is so hot I am smoking ears.

    Here it shows the food is boiling. It does not mean that smoke is coming out from someone’s ears. Instead, it is just an expression to portray how hot the food is.

    The use of hyperbole is such that even readers understand what these exaggerated statements mean as they are used in practicality quite often in everyday life.  You should know about who vs whom.

    Hyperbole in literature is widely used to create an effect or emphasize a certain feeling. It can be comedic, feeling of despair, worry or love. Hyperbole is used to heighten everyday speech, which would fail to provoke the readers to feel otherwise. Know about informative speech topics.

     What is rhetorical hyperbole?

    Rhetorical hyperbole is the statements that are used to dramatize a certain point. Rhetorical hyperbole in courts is highly thought of as inappropriate because they are just exaggerations of points or feelings without any solid grounds or facts.  This is non-actionable because it is just based on emotions; however, it leads to the change in the direction of the case, which is why its use is discouraged.

    However, using rhetorical hyperbole to shame or defame anyone with cruel and harsh words can lead to serious action.

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