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    How to Write & End a Personal Letter

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    Personal letters Format
     Admin  Published On Dec 19, 2020 | Updated on Sep 12, 2023  General


    This is a letter of recommendation, which is also a type of personal letter. Apart from these, letters to pen pals, letters to famous people, also known as fan mail, lobe letters, goodbye letters, condolence letters, and get-well-soon letters and thank you notes are also other variants of personal letter types.

    With the advancements of technology, there are not many people who write letters to their acquaintances. However, if you look at the junior academic years, students are still encouraged to learn about the different types of personal letters. Simultaneously, there are incidents and occurrences when we cannot mail things to the person we want to reach. A hand-written letter or a nice note with good wishes work there better.

    So, keeping that in mind, let us take a deep dive and take you back to the time of letters. Well, there were times before each of us had a Smartphone and inboxes piling up with direct messages. Simpler times, indeed.

    Key Factors in a Typical Personal Letter Format

    While many argue that there is no set format when writing an informal letter, there is a general pattern that one should follow. So here are we, looking at the convention on how to write compelling and attractive informal letters. These can even act as guidelines when drafting a letter; they are not hard and fast rules. Let’s start and learn all about personal letter formats-


    To start with, write your address on the left-hand side of the page at the very top. Usually, informal letters have the address of the writer, and it should be accurate and complete. Even if you are writing to a close friend or relatives nearby, do not miss to write the address.


    Always write the date below the address, so the reader references the time the letter has been written.


    The perks of writing an informal letter are you know whom you are writing to. So if it is a friend or someone close to your age, you can greet them by their first name, like "Dear Alina." If you are writing to a relative or parents like mother/father/aunt/uncle etc., you may greet them, such as "Dear Mom/Dad/ Sissy/Bro” etc.

    Introductory Paragraph

    This is when you have entered the actual part of writing the letter. The introductory paragraphs set resonance for the whole letter. The writer can start by asking about the well-being of the recipient or share some good thoughts. The opening of an informal letter should be random and comforting and not as direct as business letters.

    Body of the Letter

    Followed by are the body paragraphs, which should maintain a friendly tone overall. Fine-tune your writing, language, and wordings according to the recipient’s age and relation with the writer. With a friend, be casual; to an elder relative, be respectful and considerate.


    Wondering how to write and finish a letter of intent? Wrap up your writing with a summary. Deliver a meaningful and affectionate goodbye to the letter’s recipient. It shows the intention that you want to keep the conversation going.


    While there is no way to sign off informal letters, you can use phrases like ‘Lots of Love,’ ‘Best Wishes,’ ‘Kindly,' 'Best Regards,' etc. Pick the one which best suits the occasion, and sign off by writing your name below the greeting.

    Top 5 Writing Apps for Perfecting Personal Letters

    Stuck with the accurate formatting of a personal letter? Here are the best writing apps for iOS and Android supporting writing apps that one should know about. Whether you are writing to your parents or a colleague from work, these are some notepad style apps for you-

    1. iA Writer (iOS, Android)
    2. JotterPad (Android)
    • Editorial (iOS)
    1. Monospace Writer BETA (Android)
    2. Drafts 4 (iOS)

    How To Answer A Personal Letter?

    Have you received a personal letter from a friend or a relative you haven't heard of recently? while the above sections of the blog highlight the ways of writing a personal letter, here are how you should answer that-

    • There is not much difference between writing a letter and answering one, except for the content's tone. You can even be more informal by using the person’s name without the salutation if it seems okay.
    • Depending on the sender, decide how to start your response letter. Maybe you can use the most common and safest first liners? Or you can think of something that shows off your personality more.
    • Answer to the sender's queries in the letter first, and then continue to write about your developments.
    • As informal letters are mostly conversational, ask the sender a few questions or what good things are happening in their life. This encourages them to send another response letter to keep the ball rolling.
    • End your letter with good wishes before signing-off.

    Are you writing an informal letter? Learn the correct format in the blog. All the best!

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