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    Guide On Essay - Writing Guide, Examples and Tips

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    Definition Essay - Writing Guide, Examples and Tips
     Admin  Published On Jun 9, 2023 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  Essay

    Among the various types of essays, the method of composing a definition essay is rather simpler. Just like you focus on learning the definitions when exploring a new concept, you have to focus on applying the same approach when writing a definition essay as well. 

    However, it often gets challenging to write such types of essays since most beginners assume that the topic is limited to stating the meaning. 

    Although, you can actually explain the literal meaning and implied meaning for the particular definition essay and include examples as well. 

    All you have to focus on are the - What, Why, How, Who & Purpose of the Topic.

    So, to get a structured guideline on writing a definition essay, read below the given suggestions -

    The Ideal Steps for Writing Definition Essay

    At the very beginning, let's understand how to get prepared when assigned a definition essay. For that, follow each of these steps as mentioned . 

    Pick a Word

    Choosing the appropriate word is, of course, the first step. With a particular word, you have to break down every bit of its meaning. And for that, it's necessary that you choose a good topic.

     So how can you determine what makes a good topic?

    Here is an example of how you can do that - Unusually, an abstract idea that cannot be found in an English dictionary is the ideal subject for a definition essay. 

    But ensure that the term you have picked must be fully understood by you.

    Avoid Choosing Objects as Your Topic

    Since this type of essay refers to discussing a word that doesn't signify, you will choose generic words, which are objects. In fact, it can be challenging to write about objects like "table," "glass," or "door." 

    If you choose such words as your topic, you won't have much to discuss apart from explaining its utilities. 

     Instead, choose words like 'beauty', 'honesty', 'power' etc..

     Choose a Word with Several Meanings

    Look for a word or phrase that might mean different things to different individuals, one that has more than one meaning.

    This will allow you to write more while incorporating your own experiences and interpreting those of others.

    Moreover, having multiple meanings helps you write from different perspectives. Else, your essay might be very limited to ideas.

     Verify the literal definition of it.

    Once you have fixed your topic, it's necessary to have a basic idea. For that, use dictionaries and encyclopaedias to your advantage to learn the precise meaning of a word's origin and any related theories.

    Additionally, you can discover helpful information online. 

    You can browse through numerous scholarly publications, academic essays, blogs, educational films, etc., to address different usage of the word.

    Look for Alternative Viewpoints

    After you have taken the ideas from the text, it's time to see how the word passes from person to person.

    For example, you can ask your friends and relatives what a term means to them, what comes to mind when they hear it, how they feel when they hear it, and other things.

    All of these will help you through light on the variations with the same word in different relations as well. 

    Establish a definition

    The next stage is to create your own definition based on the information. 

    So, take into account the following steps when writing your version of the definition -


    Write about the term describing what it does and how it works. 


    Describe a phrase using its organisation and structure.


    To bring a critical aspect of the term, you must analyse the term as well.  

    You can compare other terms in the same category as the one you are writing about. The distinctions are crucial since they set your phrase apart from the competition.


    Here, you must clarify what are the opposite meanings of the term. You must also explain any misconception if related to the word.


    To help your reader better comprehend the phrase, include examples in the form of facts, anecdotes, pictures, and stories.

    Example of a Definition Essay