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    Drone as a Technology Partner in Combating Covid-19

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    Drone as a Technology Partner in Combating Covid-19
     Admin  Published On Jun 8, 2020 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  General

    Drones are nothing new in this tech-driven world. Interestingly, the concept of the drone was prevalent back in the early 1900s. A flying robot gained maximum limelight by collaborating with the entertainment industry. Cinematographers used drones to take jaw-dropping air shots using this flying object. While drones used to be exotic back then, it is no longer something unusual for sight. In fact, photography to event coverage – drones are in use in several sectors today.

    However, in 2020, drones gained more importance as a pandemic pressed the paused button in our lives. Pandemic Coronavirus or spread like jungle fire and scared us like never before. Social distancing and lockdowns confined us within the four walls of our homes. During this tight situation, these flying robots came in like a blessing in our lives. The technology that was considered ideal for surveillance and capturing tricky top angle shots for movies became our ultimate hero. Want to know how drones have helped combat COVID-19? Read on to for some fantastic insights.


    Here are some ways the tools were used to battle against the life-claiming virus:

    1. Surveillance as Cops

    Drones were used for surveillance as digital cops. Due to social-distancing, these tech-tools are being used to keep a check on several areas. They have provided detailed information on whether the lockdown is being followed the way it should have been or not. These tools have efficiently given footage of even the narrowest of lanes very clearly. In many countries, drones have also helped monitor restricted areas. 

    Drones have also monitored the COVID-19 volunteers and checked whether the helpers were following the proper protocol, wearing PPE kit while working or not. It has also helped catch those who were inadvertently spreading the virus.

    1. Broadcasting Messages

    Due to COVID, it is unsafe and impossible to reach everywhere and deliver relevant information. Drones have proved to be the best solution for such a situation. In most of the countries, loudspeakers were attached to the drones to make announcements. It was mostly used in rural areas. It became effortless to spread the messages and instructions at various places without fearing COVID-19. 

    You will find several videos on various social media platforms where these drones are paired with loudspeakers and messages about social-distancing, the need for masks and sanitising were spread. 

    1. No-Contact Sanitisation

    We all are aware of the no-contact policy in this COVID-19. There were several areas where several COVID patients were discovered. Hence, the government had to sanitise that place to ensure that there wasn’t a single trace of the virus. Drones have helped health workers in sanitizing localities. Sanitisers were attached to these drones, and with the help of remote control, the tools sprayed sanitiser in all the areas.

    They also used this technique to sanitise people as well. The best part of these drones is that they are easy to operate, inexpensive, and can be quickly mobilised. 

    1. Delivery at your Doorstep

    These small flying robots also delivered groceries and other essentials steps. The goods were hooked to drones, and with the help of mini parachutes, packages were dropped on the doorsteps. Doctors Nurses and hospitals were able to get their supplies of medicine. Drones were preferred for this work because of their speed and the fact that they could maintain the policy of no-contact delivery.

    1. Knock-Knock Temperature

    During the peak of Corona, it was challenging to check the temperature of all the people of the infected area. With the help of these drones, it has become very easy to check the temperature of people living in the containment zone. Drones were equipped with thermalguns that could be operated remotely.

    The flying robots checked the temperature of each member of the family. After taking the reading, the results were transferred to the medical authorities, who instructed people to do the needful via the drone speakers. This helped the health workers stay at hospitals and do their work.

    1. Light Source for Quarantine Centers 

    When thousands of patients suffering from COVID-19 had to be quarantined, the situation got out of hand. Due to several patients and limited beds, it was impossible to accommodate all the patients in the hospitals.

    To battle the crisis, the authorities turned playgrounds and other open areas into quarantine centers. With the help of drones, the centers were built with limited workforce. These drones acted as light sources in these quarantine centers. While machines were placing the bricks, these drones illuminated the area for better vision. 

    These drones have been the life-saving heroes during the pandemonium. They have helped the rest of the heroes – the doctors and health workers - do their duties safely. Drones have proved to be the best invention in this pandemic situation.

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