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    Nursing Essay : Importance of Leadership in Nursing

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    Leadership Nursing Essay
     Admin  Published On Feb 25, 2020 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  Essay

    Leadership in nursing is common yet confusing. The nursing schools already have built-in leadership lessons in the curriculum. But there is barely any information writings about the effectiveness of leadership roles, and nursing leadership styles, are somewhat missing in there.

    While working on leadership in nursing essays, nursing students get to learn about managing a care team, ancillary colleagues, along with an emergency care unit on the field. Here is everything that you need to know how to write an essay on leadership in nursing.

    What Are the Leadership Issues in Nursing?

    Several studies have stated repeatedly that the task of nurse leaders is way more complicated than nurses who directly deal with the patients. Here are some of the issues to look into.

    • Retention of Employees

    Like any other corporate sector, the nursing industry is threatened with the issue of retention of employees. Being a demanding profile, nurses need to be available for longer shifts. This being the issue, the contribution of nursing leaders can bring change.

    A conceivable solution to this issue is to make the caregiver an integral part of the system. The nurse leader’s role is to build teams effectively with vision and by empowering them.

    • Staffing

    Nursing leadership is easy, said no nurse leader ever. Any veteran nurse leader can come up with at least a dozen of issues that they have faced during managing staff. The essay on leadership involves a lot of tasks to be managed singlehandedly by the nurse leaders.

    Women occupy 70 % workforce of the social and healthcare industry. But when it comes to health system leadership roles, only 25% of women population across the world is occupying it. Working on to improve that is what the nurse leaders can do.

    • Boosting Morale and Avoiding Burnout

    Due to workplace stress and payment disparity, low morale and high burnout come in the picture. Continuous moral issues and burnout taking place can also have adverse effects on the physical and psychological health of nursing employees.

    Avoiding burnout and lesser retention of employees are related terms, which can be balanced by creating strong relationships with nursing team members, acknowledging and addressing their concerns, and rewarding them when they succeed.

    Essay on Leadership Nursing And Its Impacts

    As we have discussed the issues in the previous section, nursing leadership can surely contribute and focus on better retention, enhanced patient care and support, lowered workplace stress, and enhanced morale to get each other’s back.

    Below is the list of how nursing leadership impacts-

    • For a nurse leader, it is unavoidable to play a critical role in helping to sustain the efficiency, production, and cost-effectiveness of other staffs who are in his/her team.
    • You would know that you have impacted as a nurse leader when your team is delivering their best, which in turn has improved the quality of care and support of the patients.
    • Effective nursing leadership is closely associated with patients staying at the hospital for a reduced time limit; they are experiencing lowered rates of medication errors and lower patient mortality.

    These findings indicate that the impact of strong leadership skills by the nurse leaders help achieve optimum patient outcomes. Patient safety, medication management, infection control, wound care, and crucial patient safety coming as additional freebies. 

    Types of Nursing Leadership Styles -Which Suits Best

    Whether you have just finished your studies and have started out, or are a veteran in the block- you need to know about the types of nursing leadership styles and its variations and applications. Here is all that you need to know.

    • Transformational Nursing Leadership

    Also known as visionary leadership style, this leadership technique works best during change and improvement scenarios. Being a nurse leader, the demands to better patient care, introducing improved healthcare systems and processes in the organization are never over. This style demands the leader to work with the team to identify and apply the change, inspire to accept change, and executing change with the committed group members.

    • Laissez-Faire Nursing Leadership

    For the concept of Laissez-Faire leadership, the leader adopts a hands-off approach. The method works best when the nurse leader has formed a group of experienced team members, who need no minute-by-minute directives to function.  

    • Autocratic Nursing Leadership

    Being an authoritarian nurse leader is fun if you love being the leader who is strict with his orders. The characteristics of an autocratic nurse leader are being the boss who can make the decision, give orders to the team, ask them to follow all directives transferred, and discourage questioning.

    Servant leadership, transformational leadership, and democratic leadership style are some other types of nursing leadership styles that leaders are using to manage their team, career goals, improved decision-making processes, and targeting individual and group goals. A nurse leader can find out and choose the styles as per his/her office demands.

    Essential Qualities of Being a Successful Nurse Leader

    As the nurse leader who is working forward to bring in a clear picture of enhanced patient care in your hospital unit, you surely have to work on the leadership skills and read a lot to make improved decisions and bring success.

    The caregiver unit in hospitals is continuously on a movement- with veteran nurses bidding adieu and fresh, green talent inflowing every day. This being the evolving environment of healthcare, the leaders are forced to come up with creative leadership techniques and think and act beyond limiting boundaries. Keeping these aspects in mind, we have figured out the essential qualities of being a successful nurse leader –

    Leadership Skills To Help Meet Personal Goals

    Leadership Skills To Help Meet Organizational/Team Goals

    Imparting emotional intelligence in clinical settings is a crucial task conducted by nurse leaders. The results include coping with workplace stress, improved care, and negating everyday challenges.  

    Practical leadership skills among nursing leaders get team feedback on a routine basis, helping the leaders point out weaknesses, and work on interpersonal skill development.

    New team members perform best when the leader polish their ability to think critically, analyze, and make decisions based on a complex set of factors. 

    A nursing team functions the best when the leader is also a mentor. So for you to be a successful nursing leader, guiding the staff and molding the team with organization-positive qualities is a plus point.

    Successful nurse leaders should be passionate, dynamic influencers, who respect and trusts all the members. This, in turn, promotes a workplace that is productive and positive; and welcomes two-way communications. 

    The team goal of nurses working under a leader is to provide the patients with utmost care. Working onward and upward to develop a healthy relationship between the patients and the care team often unlocks quick achievement to excellence.

    Parting Words,

    A nurse manager is the one who ensures everything under him or his team is working like a well-oiled machine. While the responsibilities of a nurse manager incorporate a myriad of areas, a nurse leader should work forward to transform, inspire and influence the team members for excellence in patient care.

    There is that guy in your workplace who is communicating sound on behalf of the organization, taking feedback, and also honest with information, advice and some time, guidance, right? The nurse manager in a hospital does the same. Whereas the nurse leader is the one who is accountable and responsible for nursing functionalities, check if everyone from the team is meeting the quality measures, is satisfied, and have reached the organizational outcomes.

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