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    Technology Affects Essay Writing

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    How Technology Affects Essay Writing ? - Pros And Cons
     Admin  Published On Oct 23, 2021 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  Essay

    How Technology Influences Essay Writing: The Pros and Cons

    Technology has impacted every aspect of life, and essay writing is no different. Students have made a massive improvement in their academic intelligence through various gifts from technology. There are softwares for checking plagiarism, writing tools, essay typer and enormous databases to learn from. But just like everything else, technology has bought its pros and cons to essay writing too. So if you want to use technology for its advantages and beware of its negative impacts, then keep reading.

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    Pros of Technology in Essay Writing

    Some people praise technology for its advancements; however, some do not share the same perception. So, let's start by defining the pros and cons of technology in cheap essay writing service .

    Pros of Technology in Essay Writing

    Fast Speed

    One of the biggest pros of technology is that it is swift, which helps in saving time. Students can get the answers to anything just at their fingertips. Technology has made it significantly easier to get every matter resolved at a much faster rate. For example, now students don’t require essay help for writing their essay because they can find every data by themselves just with the right equipment.

    Improves communication

    Tools like Facebook and other apps have made communication every easier. People can easily communicate and keep in touch with people who are living across continents. For students who require Essay help from foreign experts can easily connect with them. This has made distance learning popular and connecting with the best scholars in the world.

    Solves every problem

    With the proper technological knowledge, there is nothing that cannot be solved. Be it related to any subject or work, and you need the right source to complete it. In addition, essay writing technology has bought us some incredible tools like paraphrasing, word counter, plagiarism checker, etc., which is highly beneficial for students. So again, no problem cannot be solved with technology.

    Infinite resources

    Technology provides us with tons of options. For every one problem, you will find numerous options to choose from. For example, with essay writing technology, students can discover innumerable databases for a dissertation topic or find the correct information on any topic. Unlike hard copies, checking soft documents on the internet is much easier and easily accessible. Getting the liberty of searching everything by being at home is the most significant gift of technology for students.

    Being advanced

    Being familiar with the right kind of technology can help students become tech-savvy. In today's world, everything is related to technology. So students who start learning it from a young age may find it easier to solve any queries in their later life. Instead of ruling on adults or others, students can be advanced in any field.

    Cons of technology in essay writing

    Now that we have listed the pros of technology for essay writing services let's look at some of its cons.

    Risk of getting plagiarized

    Technology has blessed us with N number of resources, but that also takes authenticity away. Students who copy everything from the internet have a high risk of writing plagiarized material. Plagiarism found in essay papers is a big no-no. This can make students lose marks and affect their academic image for not submitting the original matter.

    Makes one lazy

    It is no brainer that technology has made students lazy. As they get quickly at their fingertips, this has made them lose their urge to do things by themselves. Students are very light-headed now, and they do not feel the end of doing anything by themselves. Instead, they look for shortcut ways of getting things done.

    Reduced thinking abilities

    With the advancements in technology, students have lower thinking abilities. This means that students no longer find ways of doing things by themselves. Not only do they think of coming up with appropriate measures, but they have also stopped making any efforts. This makes students unsmart and absent-minded. Learning and solving everything by ourselves is the key to knowing anything accurately, which many students have missed.

    Highly dependent

    There is technology in every field. There is a tool for everything. Hence students have become highly dependent on technology to get answers or everything. Depending highly on online tools has made students' life miserable. This limits students' capabilities and exploring skills. Students would rather surf on the internet looking for an appropriate measure than use their time to come up with their ideas. Technology can be beneficial if used in the right ways. Essay writing pros & cons are something which comes which can be used wisely by bright students. If one can overlook the cons and focus on the pros, technology can help students learn more than they learn in school.

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