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    Explore 80+ Persuasive Speech Topics for Any Project

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    Explore 80+ Persuasive Speech Topics for Any Project
     Admin  Published On Jun 21, 2019 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  Essay

    Persuading someone to accept your point of view requires an advanced set of skills. Ever tried to explain your parents why you need a new laptop? If you did, you might know the struggle. Preparing a persuasive speech is quite similar to that. The only difference is that you need to convince a larger audience to accept your point of view.

    If you have experience in drafting a persuasive essay, you already have better chances of preparing an impressive persuasive speech. But that is not going to be enough. A persuasive speech and a persuasive essay might be quite similar at a fundamental level, but your approach needs to be little different.

    How to prepare a remarkable persuasive speech?

    Drafting a persuasive speech can be a lot easier if you proceed with a proper plan. The experts of suggest that you should advance with a 7-step plan for your persuasive speech.




          Figure 1: Plan for a persuasive speech

    • Select a topic for the speech:

    Selecting a topic for a persuasive speech is more challenging than it seems. So, you may need to consider a few factors while choosing a topic. We will discuss them later in this blog.

    • Set achievable goals:

    Once you have chosen a topic, you need to determine what you want to achieve with the speech. Having a clear goal for the project from the beginning helps you shape the speech effectively. Just remember to set goals that are practically achievable through a speech.

    • Know your audience:

    It is important to know what kind of audience you are dealing with while preparing a persuasive speech. They can be hostile, accepting or neutral about the things you have to say. Having a thorough analysis of the audience can give you an idea of how to present the speech.

    • Keep things relatable:

    Try to use examples that are relatable for your audience. People tend to respond actively to things that they can relate to in the first place. When you are able to make the speech relatable to the audience, you are more likely to achieve your goal for the speech.

    • Use evidence and empathy:

    A major quality of a remarkable persuasive speech is that it offers credible evidence to support the arguments. Always try to validate your arguments with genuine pieces of evidence. Also, try to introduce emotional angles in the content to get a better response from the audience.

    • Address the counterarguments:

    Find out the arguments that contradict your point of view, and clarify why your arguments are more valid. This may help you to build credibility among the audience. Also, it may solve the contradiction of opinions between you and the people in the audience.

    • Choose a structural pattern:

    A persuasive speech can be presented in a number of ways. Once you are done with the rest of the steps, see which structural pattern will help you achieve your goals more effectively.

    1. You can explain the problem first and then talk about its solution.
    2. You may also choose to compare two or more ideas and explain why one idea is more valid than others.
    • You can use a negative slant to persuade the audience why you are opposing a certain idea.

    As you can see, the topic idea you pick has a major influence on the rest of the plan. So you may need to put more stress on the selection of a topic for your persuasive speech.

    How to choose a winning topic for a persuasive speech: Tips and tricks

    Choosing the right topic wins half the battle for you. If you are clueless about how to find a stunner topic idea for your speech, you can use the following tips:




    Figure 2: Tips to choose a persuasive speech topic

    If you have never prepared a persuasive speech before, it is recommended to put more focus on the last point. Humour is one such element that can grab the attention of your audience almost instantly. If you are clueless about what kind of topics we are talking about, here are some examples of funny topics that you can use for your persuasive speech.

    80+ funny topic ideas for a persuasive speech

    1. Elon Musk is one accident away from becoming a super-villain.
    2. People should stop uploading filtered photos on dating apps.
    3. Life should come with background music.
    4. Being famous isolates you from the little pleasures of life.
    5. Men love gossips more than women.
    6. There should be facilities for taking an afternoon nap at workplaces.
    7. Being single is the best way to experience life.
    8. AI apocalypse is inevitable.
    9. Bad decisions often make the best stories.
    10. The asteroid that killed dinosaurs was actually a spaceship, boarded by humans.
    11. Chivalry is the sugarcoated version of sexism.
    12. Mid-life crisis is nothing but an excuse.
    13. It is okay to be selfish.
    14. It is possible to find true love on the internet.
    15. The people behind the show Simpsons are from the future.
    16. There should be a “Drunk” mode in every Smartphone.
    17. Young people should never add their parents on social media platforms.
    18. Oxygen is a slow poison that takes 70-80 years to kill a person.
    19. People who are always happy are mentally unstable.
    20. Christopher Nolan has ruined comic book movies forever.
    21. Truth is all about perception.
    22. Classic Disney movies are full of inappropriate elements.
    23. Autocorrect is the worst feature in a Smartphone.
    24. Touching the belly of a pregnant lady is inappropriate.
    25. Students should be allowed to miss at least one assignment each semester.
    26. Hollywood should stop making Mission Impossible sequels.
    27. Award ceremonies should just stick to award presentation and nothing else.
    28. Music should be regarded as a basic necessity.
    29. We all have superpowers; we just don’t know how to unlock them.
    30. Superhero movies are a part of American propaganda.
    31. The bad guys in movies are just people who are misunderstood.
    32. Blaming things on others helps to cope with the problem.
    33. Academic education is not necessary to be successful in life.
    34. Humans are more dangerous than wild animals.
    35. Déjà vu is just a glimpse of the past life.
    36. Playing video games can improve concentration.
    37. Good girls are attracted to bad boys.
    38. There should be more interactive movies like Netflix's Black Mirror Bandersnatch.
    39. Street smarts are more intelligent than book smarts.
    40. Aggressive men are mostly insecure.
    41. The content of nursery rhymes needs to be updated.
    42. Family reunions are awkward.
    43. Group study is a myth.
    44. There should be some incentive for attending every class in a semester.
    45. Bathroom selfies should be banned.
    46. Life should come with an autocorrect feature.
    47. Having a dog is more fulfilling than having kids.
    48. We need more farmers than scientists
    49. No one is every “too busy”.
    50. Social media platforms should stay inactive for at least once a week.
    51. Google should consider using sarcasm in their search results.
    52. Internet should be made free for everyone.
    53. Feminism is as bad as chauvinism.
    54. People usually respond with “Lol” when they have nothing else to say.
    55. The Internet is more addictive than drugs.
    56. Living with parents after a certain age is inappropriate.
    57. Women are more efficient than men.
    58. Multitasking isn’t effective when you are running late.
    59. Having tattoo and piercing shouldn’t be a factor in corporate recruitment.
    60. Procrastinators are more effective than others.
    61. Humans will become an endangered species one day.
    62. Aliens have tried to communicate, but we are too dumb to read their messages.
    63. Men never really grow up.
    64. Pirates of the Caribbean franchise should have ended after the original trilogy.
    65. Capitalism breeds materialism.
    66. Optimists are really annoying.
    67. Correcting someone’s grammar shouldn’t be considered rude.
    68. Curiosity never killed a cat; stupidity did.
    69. Internet lingos are destroying our vocabulary.
    70. Humour is a filter that enhances our lives.
    71. Owning a dog is the best therapy ever.
    72. When life gives you lemon, ask for some sugar.
    73. Judging others is a basic human nature.
    74. School is not the place for brilliant minds.
    75. If Newton was a millennial, he wouldn't have discovered gravity.
    76. If you tell yourself a beautiful lie, the world will conspire to make it true.
    77. Robert Downey Jr. should not be a role model for young kids.
    78. Today’s advertisements lack originality.
    79. Our dependence on technology is making us dumber.
    80. The Kardashians are not celebrities.
    81. Cooking together can improve relationships.

    You don't necessarily have to be a funny guy to prepare a persuasive speech on a humorous topic. You can use the 7-point plan mentioned in the beginning to create your speech. However, there are several other ways to prepare a persuasive speech.

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