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    How to Start an Essay? - Steps & Examples

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    How to Start an Essay
     Admin  Published On Feb 17, 2020 | Updated on Sep 11, 2023  Essay

    How To Start An Essay

    An essay is a mandatory assignment that is assigned in every curriculum for at least twice or thrice in a semester. But often its pattern fails to catch the student’s interest. Although if a little bit of concentration is devoted to the essay, it can help to score excellent grades. The first impression is the last impression, one of the famous quotes that describe how important is your presentation.

    Essay writing needs a power-packed beginning to impress the reader. This is why, the way you start an essay matter a lot. If your essay is compelling enough, it will hold your reader till the end.

    How to Start an Essay with a Quote?

    Although there are several ways to start an essay but the most exciting way is to begin it with an inspiring quote. It is essential to make sure that the quote that you are using should be relevant to your introduction. It may be a tough job to figure out how to start your essay with a quote.

    Here are a few steps that will help you to begin your essay with quotes:-

    • Try to use novel quotes:

    Try to use the new quotes. Make that you don’t use overused or clichés quotes as they won’t be having that impact on the reader. Also, that will not reflect anything positive. It will be supposed that you did not even try to do a bit of work for your essay.

    • Try to surprise the reader pleasantly

    Try to use the quote that could surprise the reader. Make sure that you would carry something that was not expected by the readers.

    • Try to find the context of the quote

    It is essential to know about the context of the quote. You need to check that if your context is almost the same as it was originally written. This helps you to use it in the right way.

    • Quotes for the audience

    Quotes give an interesting beginning to your essay if and only if your audience can relate. If your readers are not able to connect with a quote that you choose, there’s no use for it. Hence while selecting a quote always keep in mind that your quote should relate with your audience.

    • Catchy Quotes

    Make sure that your quote should be catchy enough to hold your readers. It should express a glimpse of your essay. Hence it should be crisp and short. 

    You should always keep in mind these things while starting your essay with a quote.

    Perfect Ways to Start a Good Essay 

    Writing an ideal essay is a fantasy for every student, but very few of them can do it themselves. To help you out with how to write an essay, you can find some methods below-:

    • Research

    To start up an essay, you need to conduct research for it. You need to gather the resources that will support your thoughts in the essay. If you would have conducted enough research, then you will be aware. You will easily be able to write the essay with proper facts and figures. 

    • Engaging introduction 

    Start your essay with an engaging introduction. If the introduction of your essay is enough engaging the reader will keep on going through your essay. Also, you can start your essay with a quote that supports your thought.

    • Well constructed body

    The main body is all about details. One of the essential parts of the essay is its body. The body contains your aim and thought. It has to be very specific and factual. You need to very precise about what you want to say. Also, the presentation matters a lot. It should be well presented.

    • Refer to incidents related

    Try to present references to the related incidence to add gravity. These incidences will help the reader to relate it in a better way.

    • Brief information about the topic

    You can also start the essay simply by stating a brief knowledge about the topic that you are about to discuss in the essay. Do not convey everything but maintain that urge to know more about the topic that you are mentioning in brief. Mention some points that you are going to discuss in brief. This will help the audience to generate an idea about the essay is and how it is going to be.

    These are the tips that can help you write a perfect essay for your academic institution.

    How to Start an Essay Introduction?

    An essay needs a very involving introduction. An introduction should have certain qualities in terms of essay writing. A dull and monotonous introduction can create disinterest in the reader to consider your essay anymore. 

    Here are a few tips to start your introduction:-

    • Start with a quote

    It is always interesting to start your intro with a quote. A quote always strikes the mind at first sight. It creates curiosity for the reader to check how you have related your content with a quote. It compels him to read the essay further.

    • Start your intro with a question

    Another way except quote to keep your reader engaged with your essay in question. Start your essay with an issue and let him thing what would he do like the answer. Post that if will belonging to read the essay to known your point of view. Using a question for the introduction of your essay is one of the best ways to make it more appealing.

    • Answer their curiosity

    After generating that urge to get an answer post the quote or question, you need to answer them. Your answer should be related to the quote or the question. Answer them to the point. Do not neat around the bush unnecessarily. Readers have a very short span of concentration. If they find the content irrelevant, they will not read further.

    Hopefully, these tips will help you to start an essay in an interesting manner.

    How to Start a Paragraph in an Essay?

    To start a paragraph is always a rollercoaster ride of thoughts. There are several ways through which you can start a new paragraph.  

    Here some unique ways that you can start your paragraph:-

    • Chose conjunctions

    To maintain the continuity of the essay, you can use relevant conjunctions. You can start with words like although, more likely, accordingly, as a consequence, etc., These words maintain the flow of the essay or essay structure.

    • Start with reference

    You can start your essay with reference to the above paragraph. You can highlight the points and can create a relation between them.

    These tips you can start the paragraph of the essay.

    How to Start a Conclusion for an Essay?

    It is rightly said that “All well that ends well”. That means if your ending is powerful, you have succeeded in writing a perfect essay. The conclusion should be very impact-full. It should end in such a way that it should force the reader to think about it even after going through it. You can conclude your conclusion with a question or maybe with a thought that provokes an examiner to think about it.

    It is an essential chance to create an everlasting impression on the audience. The conclusion is the paragraph that sumps up your essay and justifies the result of your opinion. You can start your essay with the following words:-

    Wrapping up!

    • In a nutshell
    • In short
    • Winding-up
    • Hence the last thought

    There are several other options, too from which you can choose to start your conclusion. The starting of your essay conclusion should be powerful. You can start by highlighting the strong points of the paragraph above written and ask questions accordingly. 

    Then conclusion should be powerful enough that it should provoke readers inside. It should compel the audience to think about the question of the warning that you mentioned in the essay.

    How to Start an Essay Example?

    Starting an essay has to be very creative. You have to generate novel ideas to make your essay unique. It needs specific skills to write the impactful start of an article. This is the reason often students search for examples of essays. These examples of starting an essay provide them with ideas hoe frame their starting. 

    Here is an example of how to start an essay:-

    Title- First War of Independence


    What is the first thought that your mind conceives when you come through a word called ‘Independence’?

    War, bloodshed, freedom fighters and, of course, love for the motherland. However, they say, everything starts from nothing. So did the journey of freedom. There has to be some spark to boost a fire, there has to be some imitative that needs to be taken. This essay is all about that scratch and first-ever effort made to free our motherland. It is the story of first sepoy mutiny or the first war of independence. 

    This has an example of how to begin your essay. With this example, you can have an idea of how you can be creative. You can straight away use a similar pattern or can do some changes as well.

    Wrapping up! An essay can be very scoring all you need to do is to start and conclude them well. Hopefully, this was helpful for you. All the best!

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