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    How to Write a Discursive Essay ?

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    How To Write A Discursive Essay?
     Admin  Published On Mar 16, 2020 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023  Essay

    It’s undoubtedly a crucial point when a student has been allotted with an assignment by the professor, and as soon he opens up the file, it’s a discursive essay task. The first thing that strikes the students’ mind is, what is a discursive essay & how can it be completed.

    So without further ado, let’s dig deep into the facts and find out what it takes to write a discursive essay.

    Discursive Essay Introduction: What Really Is The Ruckus About?

    Discursive essay writing is the most common essay writing task given to the students when they are in their colleges. Like any other college assignment, for discursive essay writing, students also feel repugnance towards it.

    However, if we keep all these dislikings at a distance and take a minute to think, discursive essay writing is not as bad as the generic perception goes by. Interestingly, writing a discursive essay involves a deep discussion on the given topic. Students need to figure out their argument based on the given topic, the supporting arguments surrounding it, counter-arguments to establish the supporting points, etc. so you see, it’s not really a cakewalk to search and present for and against reasons. It requires a lot of research on the internet, figuring out the best ones that permit both time and topic, hence an impactful presentation of discussing both sides of the viewpoints.

    Discursive Essay Structure: Lets Figure Out Ways to Write It Proper

    Before we go further, let’s figure out how to write is a discursive essay?

    A discursive essay is divided into two types- Opinion Essay and For and Against Essay. However, the basic structure of putting all your thoughts in the conventional introduction-body-conclusion structure is the same, no matter what type you are writing on.

    While writing an opinion essay is all about stating a personalized opinion about the given topic, students can start writing it by narrowing down the topic in order to find succinct augments and reasons to counter those. It’s simple, if you haven’t narrowed down your topic, you will simply puzzle yourself to find out arguments and to decide how many of those should be enough to put in your essay. Whatever they do, opinions and thoughts should be presented and followed by supporting data, examples, and statistics.  The conclusion should incorporate the writer’s opinion in a gist.

    On the other hand, as it comes to writing for and against essay, the readers should be provided with supporting and opposing arguments with details. The objective to write this type of essay is to present a well-balanced opinion of the writer, what he has in mind about the chosen topic. A balanced reflection on the topic should be stated again only in the conclusion.

    Now, whatever the style you have got to write your essay in, the students should keep in mind that the writing style should pursue an impersonal tone. Yes, assignment writing is often synonymous with formal writing, but with the discursive essay, you can go with informal writing techniques.  You have to think critically for more in-depth aspects when reviewing all viewpoints and aspects of discursive essay writing.

    Now, how do a student who is writing a discursive essay for the first time, would structure it? Here is a guide:


    Like all academic essay assignments, a discursive essay paper starts with an introduction and ends with a conclusion.

    So how to start? Like always, give the readers a hook. Some interesting fact about the topic always interests the readers in reading on till the end. Declaring some problem and its causes is also a good way to start writing the introduction of the discursive essay. You can always provide a short explanation of the problem you have selected in the introduction. You may use quotations and rhetorical questions in the introduction. Show your readers both sides of the arguments and sum up.

    Pro tip: start the introduction paragraph with an impactful issue sentence.


    The next step of discursive essay writing is to compose the body paragraphs. Here are some pointers to remember while working on a discursive essay:

    • The body of a discursive essay will comprise of multiple paragraphs. So, build your argumentation in a couple of paragraphs, and provide what you think of it in separate sections. This way, you will be able to state your reasons accurately, making each of the concerns distinct and comprehensible.  Don’t forget to add data and statistics supporting your arguments.  
    • Some experts suggest writing the body of an essay in an alternate manner. Meaning, to grab the most attention of your readers; try putting one paragraph with the argument, and the second one with opposite reasons to it. What does it mean? Such a merger of supporting and opposing paragraphs will make your essay look self-evident and well researched.
    • Do not try and put your opinion in the body paragraphs. Fill it with unprejudiced aspects and areas concerning the issue.
    • Try and structure all the body paragraphs with evidence supporting your arguments. Writing a summary of the argument at the beginning lines help the reader understand the context.

    Well, as you have almost done with writing the hardest part of your discursive essay, lets us focus on the concluding paragraphs. The conclusion is nothing fancy, except, it would have all your thoughts jotted down.

    Also, do not forget the golden rule of drafting an essay conclusion. Add the summary of the main points, specifying in the body paragraphs. Try putting in findings backed up with data. Remember: it should be in line with your evidence stated in the body paragraphs. Don't repeat findings, just summarize them.

    Keep the conclusion short. The length should not exceed more than a paragraph.

    A Brief List Of Discursive Essay Topics For Your Disposal

    Pick and choose any of the essay topics to practice how to write a discursive essay. Follow the structuring rules given above. Also, if you are looking for a discursive essay example, the internet is loaded with tons of samples. Do some research, and you will definitely be good to go. A little research on the internet will help you a long way.


    • Is energy drinks pose health risks for people under 18?
    • Food industry and GMO
    • How many hours of sleep are needed for an adult to function properly?
    • Does professional participation in sports impact children?
    • Explain alcohol and its impact on the nervous system
    • Write what you know and feel about domestic violence
    • Effect of school bullying on children
    • Music effects on human body and mind
    • Earthquakes and potential dangers they bring
    • Social media effect on young adults
    • Poverty and its impact on growing youths
    • Impact of drug use on the human body
    • Telling lies: The cause and effect
    • The causes of divorces
    • Is the military’s use of drones an invasion of privacy?

    Discursive essay templates, format, and samples are available on the internet. There are also a number of online academic help service providers who write essay papers on behalf of the students.

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