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    How to Write an Essay Introduction

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    How to Write an Essay Introduction
     Admin  Published On Apr 10, 2020 | Updated on Sep 11, 2023  Essay

    Winning Tips for Students on How to Write an Essay Introduction

    Have you heard of the famous saying, “First impression is the last impression.”? Well, it is aptly relatable when it comes to the context of drafting flawless essay introductions. Unless you come up with intriguing essay introductions, you cannot compose compelling body paragraphs and conclusions.

    Now that you are staring at the blank page for a while, and wondering how to initiate the task of essay writing with a bang, take a look here. This informative blog focuses on helping students develop the perfect essay introduction structure and carry out the task with absolute precision.

    Here’s everything you need to know.

    Accumulating background information

    First things first, we must focus on accumulating sufficient background information which is required to introduce the essay in a rationally accepted manner. Here are the essential points one must prioritise while exploring the topic history and background data.

    • Visit verified research platforms such as ResearchGate, Google Scholarand SemanticScholar in order to conduct secured background analysis online.
    • Focus on the primary objective of the essay topic prior to your research.
    • For example, if it asks you to extract information on the aspects of global warming, then solely prioritise that particular subject matter.
    • Do not deviate from the primary question and lay more focus on secondary objectives or other side topics.
    • Remember, your research must carry evidence, as well.
    • For instance, if you extract information on the impact of the recession on the economy, then extract information that carries industry case studies and survey reports.

    Simply keep these points in mind and put your best foot forward to ensure a flawless essay introduction structure. In case, you still need further assistance in this matter, feel free to get in touch with We have a resourceful team of essay writers, dedicated to structuring essay introductions from scratch.

    Defining the right approach

    Based on the genre of the essay, you need to define the right approach that is required to introduce the paper effectively. For instance, the introductory approach for an argumentative essay will be different from that of a cause and effect essay.

    Here are the essential points you should focus on.

    Introduction for an analytical essay

    • Overall perspective of the topic
    • Overview of the analytical components to be discussed
    • Solid background information on the topic with evidence

     Introduction for argumentative essay

    • Statement of your position on the given topic
    • Introduction of the primary point of argument
    • Critical background information on the topic for constructive argument

     Introduction for interpretive essay

    • Statement of the overall interpretation
    • Overview of the issues to be interpreted further
    • Brief background history related to the topic

     Introduction for comparative essay

    • Drafting outline of the things being contrasted or compared
    • Statement of the purpose of drawing the comparison
    • Overview of the specific elements to be compared

     Introduction for problem and solution essay

    • Description of the specific problem and what makes it critical
    • Concrete background information about the particular problem
    • An overview of all prospective solutions to be outlined

     Introduction for Cause and Effect Essay

    • Background history of the causes and effects in question
    • Description of the real time situation
    • Overview of the causes and effects to be explained further

    Well, these are some of the most sought after essay genres and points to be prioritised to define your approach towards introducing an essay. You can always rely on for further assistance.

    Being one of the leading providers of customised essay solutions in the United States, our essay introduction writers are dedicated to covering all major essay genres. These include proposal essay, admission essay, descriptive essay, expository essay and more.

    Composing the Final Draft

    Let’s feel safe to assume that you are now aware of the aspects of conducting background research and picking the right slants to approach an essay. Now, we shall learn how to start essay introduction in order to compose the final draft effectively.

    Pay heed to these strategic tips for effective results.

    • Hook your reader with a surprising fact, statistics, question or a quotation.
    • Contextualise your essay topic with historical, geographical and social insights.
    • Define all unfamiliar terminologies and make a summary of your current research works, theories and other scholarly details.
    • Establish your purpose and position and define your take on the essay topic in the form of a thesis statement.
    • Avoid being overly argumentative or controversial, right from the very beginning. Instead, increase your pace through the body paragraphs gradually.
    • You may also ask a relevant question in the introductory part and tell your readers how you choose to explore an answer to it.

    In case, you are still stuck with the complexities of introducing the final draft of your essay, then allow our in-house essay introduction writers to help you out. They are quite skilful in the matter of introducing the essay topic and abiding by each of the conventions as mentioned above. If you wish to make a striking impression on your teacher with exemplary essays, place an order with us now.

    Essay Introduction Sample

    Here’s a well-knit essay introduction template students can refer in order to develop valuable insights into the nitty-gritty of this particular segment.

    Topic: The Impact of Pandemic on the Global Economy

    The world is ill-prepared to respond to a severe influenza pandemic or to any similarly global, sustained and threatening public-health emergency.”

    • International Health Regulations Review Committee

    The quote mentioned above speaks about the dire strait we are presently living in. With the COVID 19 outbreak, this world is currently confronting a calamity which is beyond human resistance on certain stages. As the pandemic continues to unleash its wrath, the global economy is predicted to experience a major downfall in the next two years. With lockdowns imposed on almost all the major countries around the world, many small, medium and large scale businesses are being affected. As a result, the world economy is expected to come to a halt for at least a few months. In addition, the odds of black market trade continue to make things all the more difficult for the commoners to sustain. Now the question is whether the economists and authoritarian bodies across the globe are gearing up to find a remedy to this problem? If yes, then how? We shall explore such facets in detail and in an insightfully valuable way in this essay.

    Note: As you can in the essay introduction sample, an alarming quote by a verified health regulation committee makes it all the more hard-hitting. That’s what the purpose is. Initiating with a critical quote, the essay introduction aims to talk about the rational scenario related to the topic. Once done, it gradually moves on the aspect of the economic downturn (which is the primary essence of the topic), and raises a few questions. Lastly, it states the objective of the essay, which is to find answers to the questions raised.

    In case, you need more of such essay introduction examples for further reference, count on the expertise of We are committed to assisting students with well-knit and fully-referenced essay introduction examples.

    You may also choose to get the entire essay written by us. Simply fill in the order requirement form and upload all necessary files. Now, simply pay us through secured gateways such as PayPal, debit/credit cards and online banking.

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